Holographic Fun with Sea Dragon Studio

written by Kelsey James

One of the best things about attending a festival is preparing outfits for the fun-filled weekend. There are countless festival clothing stores online and finding the perfect fit can sometimes be difficult. Festival Squad has recently partnered with Sea Dragon Studio for a massive giveaway with multiple winners that showcased many of the most popular products.

Sea Dragon Studio is known for its unique holographic clothing with quality craftsmanship. Each piece is handmade and includes comfortable clothes and accessories.

The Sea Dragon Studio website features all the items they offer plus different fabrics: disco brawl, midnight inferno, playa white, gold rush, and electric peacock. Sea Dragon Studio festival wear is handmade with “four-way stretch, breathable, wearable Sea Dragon Skin holographic lycra.”

Clothing items range from banging bodysuits that will fit your body like a glove, jumpsuits/catsuits fit for all genders, sequin hats/helmets, and more. All clothing items can be viewed here.

Luckily, they ship absolutely everywhere so location doesn’t stop you from rocking one of these awesome pieces. I personally can’t wait to rock my holographic mesh-front festival bodysuit at Shaky Beats!

The story of Jesseca Diskobaal – creator of Sea Dragon Studio from Pitchi on Vimeo.

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