Want to Join the Disco(Nerd) Army?

Written by Helen Vivas

Photo from DiscoNerd

Every festival, my friends and I come up with our Saturday night themed look- Space Safari, 70’s dance party, and the classic- Disco Army!  Teejay Man, also known as DiscoNerd, has taken the tradition of festival dress up to the next level.  DiscoNerd produces one-of-a-kind helmets that are anything but ugly, protective headwear.  These helmets have character and they scream festival fashion, specifically Saturday’s best!

Teejay started early in the fashion and explains, “As a grommet (on weekends) I was allowed watch music videos all night waiting for a surf the following morning. A show called RAGE would be guest hosted by a myriad of great musicians (mainly alternative or non mainstream bands like Tool, Ministry or things not commonly played on the radio) from midnight until 7am.  They would play their favorite videos and I always admired the idea of clothing as art. From 7am it would be top 40 and I would bail on that to go surfing.  That was the spark.”

He was then propelled forward after experiencing Burning Man’s creative culture.  The festival encourages attendees to explore/create and bring to life their passions.  Teejay left the week-long festival and got to work; DiscoNerd was born.

Burning Man cranked it all up to a bazillion. Actually seeing wearable art in person changed my life. Also seeing all my friends making art encouraged me to actually try. I can’t thank my friends and family enough. They encourage, explore and create in such a fun way.. Sea Dragon Studio was a massive inspiration and I can’t thank Jesseca enough. That was the fire!

These incredible hand-made helmets take a week or two to make and are a MUST HAVE for festival attendees!  I’m already in talks with my festival friends about a Disco Army Saturday repeat.  The helmets come in all different styles and shapes, theres even a Batman helmet available. Lucky for our readers, we are GIVING AWAY A DISCONERD HELMET!!  Sign-up for the giveaway (link below) and make sure to follow DiscoNerd as he continues to create insane walking fashion pieces for festivals.


Check out more of these beauties HERE and check out the DJ behind the helmets HERE.



Festival Squad MASSIVE Season Giveaway with Sea Dragon Studio, DiscoNerd, & Easy Tiger Designs

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