Shaky Beats: A Trio of Artists to See

written by Connor McAuliffe

photo taken from Shaky Beats Facebook page

The daily lineup for Shaky Beats has each day stacked with numerous artists that I am excited to see.  Thankfully, all of the artists I want to see are spread across all three days of the festival.  Although the lineup is electronic heavy, there are a few artists to consider checking out.

  • Alison Wonderland: From throwing down DJ sets in strip clubs to playing in numerous festivals in Australia and the United States, Alison Wonderland has been a favorite artist of mine since I had first heard some of her music. For those who really love music that have lyrics that tell a story, then look no further.  A few of her songs off of her album Run have great metaphors that everyone can relate to in their life.  Aside from her great music she has produced, she throws down an absolutely wild DJ set.  Who knows, maybe she will play the cello live during her sets?
  • Gramatik: I have had the opportunity to see Gramatik 3 times over 3 years and can say that each set was different. If you are ecstatic for a set that brings the funk and trap (as of recently in his sets), then Gramatik will be someone you won’t want to miss.  He has a vast selection of tracks that he has produced over the years and I have heard him throw a few GRiZMATiK tracks in his sets.
  • Ganja White Night: The Belgian duo have been gaining quite the following in the United States over the last year. I got the opportunity to catch a portion of their set at Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival and was not disappointed.  With their growing fan base, they will surely be playing at numerous festivals throughout the rest of 2017.  For anyone who is a fan of the dark, dirty dubstep and wobbles, you won’t want to miss their set on Friday!

Take a look at the daily lineup for Shaky Beats below:

See you at Shaky Beats May 5th-7th at the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, GA.  Grab your tickets here!

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