Festival Fashion Spotlight: Aurora Vizion Diffraction Glasses

Written by Mia Nissen

photos courtesy of Aurora Vizion

Perhaps the best part about diffraction glasses is not the visual effects, but the way you’ll meet people when bringing them along to a show. The facial expressions people have when you slip the glasses over their eyes at a rave for the first time are priceless. Surprise, joy, and laughter ensue, and then usually the question: “Where can I get my own?”

Aurora Vizion are the experts when it comes to glasses, offering your basic styles but also super funky goggles, kaleidoscope frames, and sunglasses. Diffraction glasses are a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to amplify their visual experiences- and not just while raving either. The glasses can be worn to any event that involves interactive light displays. This includes fireworks shows too so prepare for your trippiest EDC and Fourth of July yet.

The science behind diffraction glasses is pretty simple. When light strikes the grated lenses of the glasses, the light waves are caused to spread in a way that they produce a beautiful spectrum of rainbow color for your viewing pleasure. There are glasses of varying intensity and effects but all of Aurora Vizion’s promise to deliver an eye-opening show. 

I have gotten to play with a few different styles of Aurora Vizion’s glasses and my favorites are definitely the Portal Kaleidoscope glasses. The quality of the crystal lenses can be seen and felt, and they are definitely stylish! Putting the frames on immediately teleports the wearer into a colorful world saturated with magenta and blue hues. I can easily make them part of all of my festival ensembles and keep them on all day because they are so comfortable, and the petite size makes them easy to stash away in my bag. They are on the site for $34.99, and while it may seem pricey, the quality of these glasses make it worth the money. If anything, diffraction glasses are a wonderful pathway to meeting new people, so think of this as investing in your life!

This year the AV team will be present at Electric Forest, Moonrise, North Coast, and Dancefestopia so you can try on every pair until you find your favorite. Or, you can go on their website to order anytime, and they are having a wonderful sale right now.

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