ODESZA Takes Down Ticket Scalpers & Announces RR Openers

by Stephanie Rosa

photo by Don Idio of Festival Squad 

ODESZA fans were caught by surprise today when the Seattle-based duo Harrison and Clay announced two things. First, they announce that their sold out Red Rocks show would have re-released tickets. The duo, who believe in providing for their fans, decided to hunt down ticket scalpers, cancel their ticket orders and offer them up to the people who wanted to be there most. After seeing prices at nearly $150 per ticket, fans were becoming discouraged. ODESZA took to facebook to make the announcements about the resale of tickets, and to let fans know who would be headlining Red Rocks alongside them. Check out their announcement below!

Red Rocks! We have two important updates to share with you:

1. Like a lot of you, we’ve been frustrated to see scalpers selling tickets for these shows. Fortunately, we were able to cancel a lot of scalper purchases, and in an effort to help you buy tickets at face value, we are releasing the canceled tickets as NON-TRANSFERABLE WILL CALL tickets. Buyers of these tickets will need to present a matching photo ID and the credit card used for purchase at the Will Call window on the afternoon of the show. The tickets are non-transferable, meaning that the pickup name for the tickets cannot be changed. These released tickets are ON SALE NOW at http://odesza.co/redrocks2017-tickets. Click the option for Non-Transferable GA tickets.

2. We have a lot of talented artists joining us for these two nights! On Saturday we’ll have Slow Magic, Fakear and Photay opening the show. On Sunday it will be FKJ, Tennyson, and Pomo.

We’ve been looking forward to these shows since last June, and we have new music and production in the works that we can’t wait to share with you. See you in May!

– Harrison and Clay

We here at the squad, cannot wait to see them live. We hope you do too! 

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