Under the Sea at Beyond Wonderland

written by Corey Brausch

This year, Beyond Wonderland’s theme is “Under the Sea” and I may not be crossing the big ocean to make it to this festival, but I will be crossing the country! When I first heard about Beyond, I knew it was a festival I had to attend. So, I had to ask around to find out to tips and advice to make it a successful experience.

Outfits: Check for the theme and most importantly, the weather.  You always want to be comfortable with what you wear! For this year’s theme, something Mermaid like or outfits with blue tones would be awesome.

Alex Cruff of Oceanside, California is not new to the festival scene.  Ladies, here’s what she has to say about picking out your outfits!  “Tips for girls going for their first time and choosing outfits, I would say make sure the weather is nice because during the day you could have nice weather and want rave booty shorts, but also night time gets cold so you want to make sure you can handle the heat and the cold in what you’re wearing,” said Cruff.  “Always make sure your outfit is on point, it’s what makes you, you!”

When I attend a festival, I always pack a pair of thigh high socks to wear at night.  It doesn’t change much of the outfit but it adds some warmth for when the nighttime cold kicks in!

Stages and Lineup: Make a schedule or set alarms to make sure you see your favorite artists.  Don’t be afraid to miss a few sets to wander around and check out all the fun activities.  The first thing I do at a festival is walk around the whole area and I make note of the bathrooms, where the stages are and their names, and I check out all the food to see what I would want to try first that day.

Activities: When I attended EDC Orlando in November, I made sure I got to ride most of the rides and the lines were worth it.  I plan on doing all the activities and crafts that Beyond has to offer and check out all the art that will be at the festival.  “They had arm painting last year and it was the coolest thing there.  Your arms were covered in paint but it was also glow in the dark which made it even better,” said Cruff.

Performers: I think the most underrated aspect of festivals are the performers.  They might be my favorite part of festivals.  When a group of performers walk around the festival or when I see them on a stage performing – I fan girl on the inside.  So if you see them, don’t hesitate to take photos with them!

Beyond is only a few weeks away and I could not be more excited


See you at Beyond Wonderland March 24th-25th in San Bernardino, CA.  Grab your tickets here!

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