AEG and Superfly Crafting the Next Big Festival to Hit Colorado

Written by Mia Nissen

Colorado, with it’s beautiful weather and wildly increasing population of millenials, makes for the perfect venue for outdoor music festivals. Those lucky enough to live in the state have seen many festivals stake their claim here, but the problem is- not all of them stay. This is why we need to see the love child that Superfly, creators of Bonnaroo, and AEG, the masterminds of Coachella, can create. And it looks like the project will be born in 2018.

Denver’s Overland Park Golf Course. Photo courtesy of

The venue that the organizers are currently looking at is the Overland Park Golf Course in Denver- and it will host anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000 attendees. The festival is being deemed the “Coachella of Colorado” because of the promise that there will be a multiple stages setup with artists from all different genres and art installments. Personally, I am hoping for a killer craft beer offering, as that is one of the best parts of living in the state. It is reported that the festival would be ending at 10p.m each night. While that may sound early to all of us party animals, a festival of this size must ease its way in as many festivals in the state have come to an end because of complaints from nearby residents. We still aren’t over the devastating loss of Vertex.

 So far, the reactions from the Colorado crowd, aside from the golfers and underground supporters, are very welcoming and supportive. While Denver is a musical mecca, often times we still have to drive to another state to get our festival kicks, so we hope the Coachella-esque festival will come and stay awhile. Stay tuned for more information on this blossoming new venture that will surely kick the music scene up a notch in the Centennial State.

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