Dear Me – Slushii Review

written by Corey Brausch

photo by Ryan Hadji

Let me give you a little backstory – Slushii was the first DJ I ever saw.  Ever.  I saw him perform at the Fillmore Charlotte back when he toured with Marshmello not too long ago.  I made it to the venue just in time to see him walking out on stage and that moment was the start of the best night in my life.  On that note, he’s pretty special to me.

Now, he dropped his song “Dear Me” and Facebook blew up.  I don’t think I’ve seen a more shared song on my timeline before.  You might expect some epic party track, but when the song starts it hits you like a wall of emotions that send you right into your feels.  Slushii reached a whole new level of song writing.

This track sends you into an emotional flip flop state where I felt:

First, you can picture yourself laying in a field with some loved ones and then BOOM THAT DROP.  You’re now flying across the universe swimming in memories.  At least that’s what I picture myself doing.  Feels.  Oh snap, this is good!  Oh wow remember those days…ugh THIS DROP!  Why am I emotional?  Oh I remember why,  everything will be okay!

When the ending of the track comes into play, it’s the musical version of a memory fading and the overwhelming feeling that everything is alright in the world.

Check out the track and stay on the lookout for more tracks by Slushii here!

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