Come Hither, Journeyers: A Guide to All Things Middlelands

written by Mara Mannella 

Insomniac’s newest member of the festival family, Middlelands, is set to take place May 5 – 7 at the Texas Renaissance Festival Fair Grounds, the first music festival ever to be hosted at the site. The event promises to be “an adventure of the ages”, complete with a stacked lineup and fun-filled camping experiences. If you spied Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella’s Instagram story a few months ago, you may have gotten a sneak peak of what’s in store. This event is sure to be one-of-a-kind but how, pray tell, can you prepare for a rave-y Renaissance experience? Hark, some suggestions are below:


Fair maidens and noble knights, there is no shortage of costumes that are appropriate for this trip to Middlelands. Renaissance times were all about jewel tones and rich fabrics. While you might not want to go too crazy on the layers (nearby Houston’s average temperature in May is 86 degrees plus humidity), matching crowns or tiaras could be the perfect final touch for a squad destined for royalty. Don’t want to be mistaken for a mere peasant? Renaissance days also welcomed wizards, pirates and jesters to roam the villages.


While the castles of medieval times were designed to keep intruders out, your Middlelands campsite should be a fortress of friendship. Adorn your tent with the traditional decor of ivy and crested banners or fast forward a few centuries and create a laser-shooting, kandi-strewn PLUR palace. The choice is yours, Middlelands resident!


Even without subwoofers and turntables, the parties of the Middle Ages still got pretty lit. Commoners would come from cities far and wide and dance to the bouncy sounds of harps and flutes. Sound familiar? History even tells us medieval dancers would trace triangles and spirals as they grooved – the OG’s of cutting shapes! How well you danced often dictated your social status so make sure your squad comes ready to impress.


With all the action that Middlelands promises, you’re going to work up an appetite. Sure you could have a traditional festival meal of pizza and Red Bull but why not live in the moment? We have a feeling Insomniac is going to come correct with Renaissance rations like turkey legs, artisinal breads and of course strong brews and ciders. Huzzah!
You should now be prepared to plan your trek to Middlelands. Be the first to time travel into the Middle Ages with Insomniac! Guarantee safe passage across the moat by clicking thy link!

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