STS9 Takes on Vegas, And Why I’ll Be There Both Nights

written by Helen Vivas

 For the last decade, I’ve been lucky enough to follow STS9’s journey through time, music, and an endless evolution. If you haven’t heard of this Band or don’t know much about them- it’s time to listen up! STS9 defines their style as electronic jam band fusing funk, jazz, drum and bass, hip-hop and electronic music. Since STS9’s inception in the late 90’s, they have seamlessly toed the line between the jam band festival scene and a budding EDM culture. Featuring DJ’s such Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, and Big Gigantic as relatively unknown openers, Sound Tribe pushed forward a golden age of music and festival culture. STS9 continues to expose audiences to a new kind of dance music, with an esoteric new age ambiance. This band is not solely about the music, but it’s more of a movement that they themselves have been pioneering for the last two decades!


The real beauty of an STS9 show is that you NEVER really know what they might play, or how they will play it. It’s truly about the subtleties, transitions, and emotion behind every note. They can pull songs from their latest album “The Universe Inside” or remix and revamp songs dormant for over a decade like they did recently with ‘Havona Ascent” on a recent 3-night NYE run at the Fillmore in Denver.  The band shocked the crowd with this long awaited fan favorite!


STS9 weaves their past, present and future through their music. This band has the ability to instantly draw you in, make you move, feel part of one of the most special communities in music. Fans often clock over 15 show a year, and are still always left craving more! I should know… I’ve been hooked for 10 years.


On March 31st- April 1st in Las Vegas, Nevada STS9 will perform at the Brooklyn Bowl.  This venue has won multiple awards for “Best Live Music Venue” by Travel + Leisure, as well as, offers one of the largest music venues in America.  You can come for the infamous live music, the Blue Ribbon food, or bowling experience.

Check out and download their live shows at 1320 Records and go partake in Tribe Family experience! Click here for your tickets!





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