My Itinerary for Pretty Lights Live: An Episodic Festival in Chicago, Illinois

written by Νίκο Απέργης

9/23 – 5:00pm

Doors to Chicago’s FirstMerit Bank Amphitheater open.

9/23 – 5:01pm

Notice immediately that this beautiful outdoors venue has the perfect combination of salty ocean air and views of Chicago’s legendary architecture.

9/23 – by 6:00 pm

This is the most important step, so pay attention: squad up.

9/23 – 7:00pm

Let Statik’s strings resonate through your bones, charging you with electricity as he rocks the first set.

9/23 – 8:00pm

Groove deeper as Sunsquabi breaks you down into a heap of good vibes, then reforms and sculpts you back as a resonating, glorious soul surfer.

9/23 – 9:00pm

Focus intently as Manic Focus (a Chi-town son and beloved one) lasers in on the best method to get up, then get down.

9/23 – 10:00pm

Marvel, grinning, as you lift your heart and shake your booty to the new sounds of Pretty Lights Live, the whole city behind them, as they round our streets and our ear drums with the sweet love they’ve been pumping all throughout the states on this legendary tour.

9/24 – 12:00am

Be LaserShark’d.


What will happen during the earliest hours of the 24th is…up in the air. But when the sun rises, you can bet breakfast and beer will be involved before heading back to the venue. Stay tuned for my day two itinerary coming soon, and get your tickets HERE!

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