Burning Man Blues Hurt, Symbiosis Can Help

Photo from Fest300

written by Stephanie Rosa

After a long week of building, dancing, biking and exploring on the Playa, you may come back to the default world feeling depleted, unmotivated, or in need of a session at the Thunder Dome. As the days and hours to the next burn creep by, you may wonder when you’ll feel as alive as you did watching “Daft Punk” play a set with GRiZ at Ego Trip. Where will life take you now that that’s all over? 

I search the internet for the meaning of life and stumbled across the answer to my decompression prayers… Symbiosis Gathering. This Northern California festival brings the best that transformational festivals have to offer with…*drumroll please*

  1. ART BOATS. I had just gotten used to the idea that an art car could truly alter my life, and now Symbiosis is throwing art boats into the mix!
  2. WORKSHOPS. While we agree that getting your boogie on and partying down with your friends is super important, one of the best parts about transformational festivals lies in the opportunity to learn something new, without obligations (read: this isn’t high school). Lecture or “speakshop” topics include multicultural democracy, living a regenerative life, and festival law. 
  3. FAMILY FRIENDLY. Have some little ones? No problem. Symbiosis is totally family and kid friendly. “Kidzbiosis“, a separate camp for families, is new this year and perfect for turning the fest into a mini getaway. 
  4. COMMUNITY. The transformational community is all about self expression, art and experience. At Symbiosis, you have all of those. Symbiosis prides itself on bringing only the best to its attendees with visual art and flow performers, large-scale art installations, and some of the best musical artists in the scene. Sound like a festival made to decompress? We thought so too.
  5. CAMP IN SOMETHING AWESOME. You’ve heard all about our beloved Shiftpods, and have read our reviews, so why not try one yourself? Symbiosis makes it easy for you to get to the festival and to camp with their awesome Ready, Set, Camp options.

Burner or not, theres no better place to unwind, re-energize and decompress than Symbiosis. See you all there!

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