How to Crash with Grace: A Festie’s Guide To Sleeping Well

Photo by Sage Thomas

Written by Austin Eames

Often in the thick of the fun, the time comes along where we’d rather be sound asleep than anywhere in the world. Hit the lights! Party’s over, gotta snooze…

Rather than feel FOMO, it’s best to cultivate an attitude of “it’s okay” to get more sleep, rather than push ourselves past a limit. In the long run, you will be grateful for getting more sleep. My hope is that my recommendations will assist you to drift off easier, sleep deeper, and reawaken the ability to remember your dreams.

It seems like we really need a crash course on how to crash, and I believe the checklist style is the best way to go about taking this to action mode. Print it out for your reference or jot down these few tools I’ve found to be vital for a good night’s rest.  


The following are NOT advised/definitely avoid prior to evening hours:


  • Toxic energy drinks ex. Red Bull, Rock Star, Frappaccino, Amped, Coke, etc.
  • Sugary food or overeating. A sugar wired brain or digestive distress are no good for sleep.
  • Your cell phone. Unless you must. The screens or our friends/families texts are often much better responded to in the morning.
  • 5 Hour Energy. This stuff really works but it will make you a night owl, i.e. can’t sleep until 1-2am if you take it after 4 p.m. Refer to for safe alternatives to boosting energy.
  • All forms of drugs impact sleep health, mostly negatively.


The following recommended to DOs to improve sleep quality:


  • Use ear plugs or noise reducing plugs near all forms of music.
  • Meditate and do yoga during day, along with some form of exercise.
  • Use a sleep mask when meditating and for sleep.
  • Drink caffeine or organic energy drinks/supplements Only in morning hours.
  • Stay hydrated consistently throughout the day. Doing this makes detoxing the body easier thus you’ll maintain balance, rather than experiencing high highs and low lows.
  • Consume 1 teaspoon raw honey at night to boost melatonin naturally.
  • If your ears are ringing meditate on counting backward from 50-1 breathing in and out for each number.
  • Sleep Serum by Living Libations use topically or drink 2-3 drops in water.
  • CBD rich products can help alleviate many conditions related to an over-reactive nervous system, which in my experience and observation often causes for poor sleep or symptoms related to not being able to sleep. I mention this most as it pertains to regaining your ability to remember your dreams. Research “Nerve Growth Factor and Cannabidiol”. It is advised that you do you’re own research as it relates to “cannabidiol and sleep disorders” as well.
  • Quintessential Trace Mineral Detox ~ Going through a box of Quintessential Optimum Minerilization (best if taken regularly) will dramatically assist the body in detoxification. Detoxing the body is essential no matter how “clean” you stay. Ridding the body of all forms of toxins will dramatically improve sleep.

Hope you get your zzz’s on next festival!

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