Dirty Disco Brings the Fire to Arizona Desert

guest written by Vladimir Madorsky

 Dirty Disco Quick Facts:

  1. Sam Groove started Dirty Disco as a small desert rave in 2010, and partnered with Phoenix-based entertainment group Hades to grow the concept.
  2. Pyrotechnics are playing an ever-increasing role in the Dirty Disco ambience. Fire cannons were ignited during almost every set after dark, and fire dancers were in no short supply.
  3. This year’s Dirty Disco attendees were surprised with a guest performance by DJ/producer Destructo, founder of HARD events.

Camping: N/A

Capacity: Small (under 10k)

Crowd Type:  Ravers (newbies and veterans)

Music Genre: Trap / Dubstep / Hardstyle / Trance


How To Get There

Located off the I-10 at exit 162. Most everyone arrived by car or Uber/Lyft services. Taxis were available for pickup after the event.

Where to Stay

Sheraton Grande Hotel, Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino, Fairfield Inn, and Homewood Suites are all located within 5 miles of the venue.


Pizza, chicken tenders, and fries. A free water refill station was located between the vendor row and the stage. Other vendors included LED apparel and accessories, hoods, and jewelry.


Though Dirty Disco unfolds across only one stage, organizers didn’t let this act as a limitation. A massive production effort included full-size projections, crystal clear laser beams, and constant eruptions of fiery glory. One stage was more than enough to awaken all of your senses, and everyone was buzzing with energy from beginning to end.

Artists You May Not Have Heard of But Can’t Miss (plus interviews!)

We got the chance to sit down with Dirty Audio and Herobust for interviews with each. Both grew up inspired by hip-hop producers, and over time developed an affinity for dance music. To see what they had to say, check out our full-length interviews here for Dirty Audio and here for Herobust.


Things To Do

Because this was only a one-day event the vast majority of activity revolved around who was on stage. For those who needed a break from all the head banging, the upper seating section of the venue allowed attendees to enjoy the view from above. The row of vendors behind this section offered some shopping opportunities.

Why Go VIP

VIP was located near backstage, getting VIP ticket holders that much closer to the talent we all came to see. The major perks of VIP included extra dancing room (this spacious area was significantly less crowded than the GA area) and a VIP-only bar.


What Makes The Event Different?

Within an electronic music landscape that is becoming increasingly dominated by multi-day mega-festivals, Dirty Disco prides itself on being a singular event: “one dirty stage, one dirty vibe, one unforgettable night.” This one unforgettable night packed a powerful lineup into a relatively small timeframe, and attendees wasted no time in letting loads of bass-fueled energy explode on the dance floor.

Superstar producers like Herobust and Getter laid down some of the nastiest, dirtiest, heart thumping beats that can really only be described as absolutely LIT. Check out the video below to get an audiovisual idea of what I mean.


Final Comments

Sam Groove and Hades have clearly mastered the art of firing up a crowd (pun intended). Ravers of all ages—some still rocking the phat pants and ball chains from the 90s—came together under the desert sky for a night of near perfection that has us counting the days until the next one. Lucky for us, Hades has already announced its next event, Disciple, taking place on August 27 at the Nile Theatre in Mesa. Go here for tickets; hopefully we’ll see you there!



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