Why Mysteryland is A Must-Attend Festival in 2016

Written by Stephanie Rosa

For years now I have known about Mysteryland. Held on the oh-so-famous holy grounds of that festival called Woodstock, Bethel Woods, New York must have the most incredibly energy in its soil. Hosted for a solid 3 days, this festival is held in a high regard for those lucky enough to have been in attendance in years past. This year, the festival was made just for me. That’s right. Its as if an angel creeped into my iPhone late one night and uncovered my top 3 favorite artists, only to hand deliver it to the powers that that be. The three headliners Odesza, Skrillex & Bassnectar are pure heaven and bliss to my ears making this festival nothing but pure magic to me.


This year will be my first year attending Mysteryland and I honestly cannot wait. Here are 4 reasons why Mysteryland is a must-attend festival in 2016.


  1. The Stage Production – Mysteryland is known for its creativity with stages, and in the past it has built stages to look like a steamboat, amongst other things. Knowing that the photos of these stages won’t do them justice, I have to see this for myself. And I have to see what they’re plotting for this year.
  2. The Lineup – Even though the three headliners are pretty well known in the industry, the lineup boasts one that is compatible for all music lovers. From trap to deep house, you’re sure to find some artists you have never really heard of that would be worth checking out. I plan to do some artist exploration while I am there.
  3. The Things to Do – While many festivals are still trying to figure out how to entertain guests for the weekend, Mysteryland has it all figured out. Complete with a healing garden, a fashion bazaar and activities in the arts (such as mixed martial arts instructors on festival grounds), this festival seems to have it all. What to do there? What isn’t there to do there?
  4. The Location – Arguably the coolest part of the festival is where its held. Woodstock started the domino effect of festivals back in 1969, and now 47 years later you have the opportunity to dance in the same spots that our soul sisters and brothers did when that revolutionary event took place. COUNT. ME. IN.


Overall, Mysteryland has my name written all over it. In fact, I’m convinced it was a festival designed for me, and that’s why I feel like its one that I can’t miss. Want to join me? You’re in luck, there are still some tickets left. But don’t wait because they’re looking like they will sell out.


See you all in Bethel Woods!

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