7 Festie Pro Tips For The Avid Festival Goer

Written by Stephanie Rosa

So you’re preparing for Festival Season 2016, huh? So are we! Heres a few things that’ll help you stay on top of your game.

Save the Schedule as Your Phone Background

Sometimes Wifi doesn’t work due to the massive amounts of fans at the same festival, and sometimes you’ve managed to snapchat yourself down to 10% of battery life. Either way, you need to access your schedule and quickly! Screenshot the festival schedule on your phone and save the photo as your background. That way you just need to tap your phone once to see when your favorite musician is playing. Genius, right?

Have A Fan to Cool Off

What a bummer when you spend an hour getting ready and looking fabulous, only to have that hour crushed by 10 minutes of headbanging to Bassnectar. Now sweat is dripping down your face and you feel like you’ve jumped in a pool of your own sweat. The solution? A small battery powered fan to cool you down or a brightly colored hand fan. You can make friends with your neighbors with either one, and manage to keep your face-jewels intact.

Charge Your External Battery

Back to the scenario we mentioned earlier about your phone dying. How many times does this happen while you’re at Fool’s Paradise trying to capture every moment of Lettuce? Tons. Well, don’t forget to charge (and pack!) that external battery. It’ll keep you in contact with your friends who wanted to see GRiZ at the stage over, and it’ll allow you to continue to document your festie journey.

Check To See if Refillable Bottles Are Allowed.. And Bring One!

One of the most expensive part of a festival (aside from the ticket)? The 20 waters that you bought for $5 a piece… and all on day one. How frustrating. Our suggestion? Check out the website of the festival you’re attending to see if they allow refillable water bottles. Sometimes you just have to bring it empty, but then you can use their refill stations to grab that H2O and hit the next act.

Wear Earplugs

While we agree that nothing is as riveting as the bass on full blast, we need to remember that we’ve probably got another 50+ years of hearing we will more than likely need. So start thinking ahead, and order a pair of acoustic filters online. They’re reusable, don’t completely drown out the sound, and they’ll keep you hearing for years to come.

Bring Totems (if allowed)

Some people think they’re just fun, crazy-looking sticks people like waving as they rave to Alison Wonderland. They can be that, sure, but totems are actually a festival pros way to get in touch with their friends. Ever hear someone on the phone say “I don’t know man, look for my hand! I have a water bottle up in the air!”. Poor guy (or gal)… good luck with that one. But how about if I had a 3 foot monkey in the air with a glow in the dark banana in its hand? Think you’d be able to spot me in a crowd of 10,000? I bet you could. And thats why totems rock.

Download Festivus App

Ok, so you’ve gotten your ticket to Euphoria Music Festival but your friends bailed. Well, theres zero chance that you’re going to miss Dillion Francis. Now what? Who will you camp with? The answer? Download Festivus for free, ask the community of festival goers who’ll be attending, and meet your new festie besties. Plus, check out lineups and other killer need-to-know info on upcoming festivals.

That about wraps it up. Hope you guy have a blast in Festival Season 2016!

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