5 Artists You Have to See at Euphoria Music Festival

Written by Michael Talavera

The chaos of South by South West is descending upon the city of Austin to create the perfect storm of music, film, and interactive events that will showcase offerings from all types of industries. With hundreds of events happening each day, no two people will have identical experiences at SxSW.
With so much going on in Austin, it’s easy to forget about the festival we’re really looking forward to. Euphoria Music Festival will return to Carson Creek Ranch for its fifth anniversary featuring an expertly curated lineup and an energy that brings out the best of Austin’s music scene. Being so close to the airport means the occasional airplane fly-by that drowns out the music for only a moment long enough to captivate attendees before they are thrust back into the music. It’s really an incredible experience and our favorite aspect of the venue. Every year the festival seems to reach new heights. We are still recovering from last years performances by Emancipator, Paper Diamond, RL Grime, Adventure Club, Savoy, and G Jones… but, alas, it is time to move forward.

So, without further adieu, we give to you our 5 most anticipated Euphoria performances of 2016.


1. The Motet

Two years ago I would have told you my favorite performance at Euphoria was The Motet. Their colorful performances and high-energy is guaranteed to get even the most reluctant on the dance floor. Really, what is a festival without a little world-class FUNK?

2. Space Jesus

Space Jesus has gained some serious traction this year that we say is well-deserved. He’s been tearing up small venues all across the country and we can’t wait to see him bring the heat to Carson Creek Ranch.

3. Polish Ambassador

You’re a little late if you’re just now catching up on Polish, but this is the reason many campers are choosing to arrive for the Thursday pre-party. Besides being an incredibly genuine man who uses his platform to promote awareness and community growth, his music is straight fire. Don’t miss out.

4. Cherub

What’s not to love about Cherub? They say all the things we’ve been thinking but didn’t have the guts to say. This brutally honest, two-man team will be throwing a party on Sunday that will have you looking back on the weekends debauchery with a smile on your face.

5. Bassnectar

“Who be the king of the sound, who be the king of the sound, who be the king of the sound… Coming from miles around, coming from miles around, coming from miles around…
YOU KNOW WE LOVE IT!”¬†This one’s obvious, but worth addressing. The man behind the music is a master of lower frequencies and he will take you on a sonic adventure that will leave you gasping for air and craving so much more. Many people leave their first Bassnectar show with little to say other than, “I get it now…” Thousands of people will be traveling from all across the country to see this performance, and I encourage you to join us for the journey! Don’t let the bad publicity mislead you, most bass heads are wonderful people with passion and energy hard to find elsewhere.
With so many amazing artists on the bill, it would be wrong to end there. Honorable mentions include Griz, Lil Dicky, Tycho, Lettuce, Juicy J, and G Jones. Really though, you can’t go wrong with anyone on the lineup so don’t be afraid to experiment.
T-Minus 21 days until lift-off! We’d hate for you to miss out, so don’t wait around. Camping is sold out already, but you can still grab weekend tickets for $159+fees from¬†www.euphoriafest.com/tickets. We can’t wait to see the creativity your squad brings to the table… Come find us at Euphoria!
Euphoria Complete Lineup

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