Odesza — Live at Aragon Ballroom, Chicago 11/21

After dropping the sophomore album, In Return, Odesza pushed pushed to the top of several music charts. Their shows sold out across the U.S. for their In Return tour, forcing them to add multiple shows for various cities. The shows were high energy and combined some of their best originals and remixes. Check out our gallery below. Odesza26 Odesza24 Odesza23 Odesza22 Odesza21 Odesza16 Odesza19 Odesza20 Odesza18 Odesza17 Odesza11 Odesza12 odesza13 Odesza14 Odesza15 Odesza10 Odesza9 Odesza8 Odesza7 Odesza6 Odesza2 Odesza3 Odesza4 Odesza5

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