Texas Eclipse Festival 2024: Countdown to Cosmic Bliss

Photos by Sage Thomas

Get ready to witness one of nature’s most awe-inspiring phenomenons at the Texas Eclipse Festival 2024! Set against the vast Texan sky, this celestial event promises an unforgettable experience for both avid sky gazers and festival goers alike. Mark your calendars for April 5th- 9th, 2024, the event will take place at Reveille Ranch in Burnet, TX, providing a prime vantage point for spectators to bask in the glory of the total solar eclipse. Global Eclipse Gathering of 2017 was one of our favorite festivals to this day and we are looking forward to experiencing the magic of this next edition (you may view our review of the previous eclipse festival HERE).

Beyond the celestial show, the festival offers a diverse range of activities and entertainment for attendees of all ages. From interactive workshops led by seasoned astronomers to live music performances under the darkened sky, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Food vendors will be onsite to satisfy your cravings as you revel in the cosmic ambiance. Feel the rhythm of the cosmos with live music performances that resonate with the celestial vibes, creating an atmosphere of pure magic. The lineup features impeccable talent like Dirtwire, STS9, The String Cheese Incident, and MORE!

Global Festival Collaborators are contributing to Texas Eclipse; showcasing the unique soundscapes and stages of over 13 countries and international festivals. Explore the vast grounds decorated with massive art, filled to the brim with a global convergence of ideas, art and inspiration. Get ready to be captivated by the wonders of the universe at this unique and magical event!

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