LA Trap Producer Xavage Continues “KNOCKIN” Down Barriers in Bass Music

Written by Jay Quebe

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Los Angeles based Trap producer XAVAGE after his most recent release “Knockin” off of his forthcoming EP Release with Circus Records. While bass music tends to go through phases where it seems almost everyone is following a certain trend, XAVAGE is doing a refreshing job at continuing to carve his own lane. I had the opportunity to sit and ask him some questions about his upcoming EP (which will be his second EP release with Circus). Check it out below!

FS: Your music has a very different vibe than just your average hybrid trap/dubstep music. Where do you pull most of your influence for your sound from?

XAVAGE: I have two main sources of influence that sets me apart from your average hybrid trap / bass music. The first is my background of growing up as a competitive hip hop dancer. This translates into my production by always thinking about the dance and groovability of a song. The second is my love for early 2000’s hip hop music. I always try to incorporate styles of production from that era into my musc.

FS: Can you explain what it’s been like working with Circus Records?

It’s been great! This is my second EP with Circus Records so I have worked with them for many years now. I really appreciate how they let me put out bouncy trap and bass music on their label.

FS: Describe your latest single “Knockin”. Anything about the song that stands out to you? Maybe a backstory or a personal favorite element/part of the song?

XAVAGE: Knockin pushes my sound design boundaries to new heights. While most people talk about the first drop I tell people don’t sleep on the second drop. There’s something about the simplicity of it with the hard hitting 808’s that in my opinion works very well.

FS: What can we expect from the rest of your forthcoming EP?

XAVAGE: Expect even more bouncier trap and bass music. It’s rare you ever hear the words “bouncy” and “groovy”  describe bass music but the EP can be perfectly described as such.

 FS: What’s in the store for the future of the XAVAGE project? What’s your vision/goal?

XAVAGE: The goal of the XAVAGE project is to put dance back into EDM. I’d love to start playing shows and create a crowd energy that is focused on dancing their hearts out.

Take a listen to his latest release “Knockin” below and be sure to catch his EP release on Circus Records out everywhere April 27th.

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