A Gem of a Festival: 5 Reasons Gem & Jam Stands Out From The Rest

Photos by SageTee Photography, Gem and Jam 2017
Written by Sarah Shepis

At this point in time, we are graced with a plethora of options for festivals galore: food festivals, art festivals, conscious festivals, and even festivals intended for nothing more than a good time. Gem & Jam of Arizona is a unique [gem of a] festival that incorporates a lineup of coveted artists, workshops, and more – all seamlessly blending with the eclectic Tucson culture. Artists, musicians, camping enthusiasts, and creatives of all kinds are preparing to meet at the Pima County Fairgrounds for an unforgettable weekend this February 4th-6th, 2022. 

Here are five reasons why Gem and Jam festival stands out from the rest:

1. World-Class Music

The 2022 lineup remains impressive, hosting both orchestral and DJ sets of massive electronic artists like STS9, Liquid Stranger, Shpongle, Claude Vonstroke, Lotus, and more. Organic, soul-soothing music from folk-inspired musicians like Rising Appalachia and Moontricks is sprinkled into the all-encompassing lineup for your listening pleasure. Artists from all around the world perform at Gem and Jam, bringing talent of all kinds to the festival grounds. 

2. Workshops and Art Installations

In addition to the stacked lineup, Gem and Jam ensures consistent mental and physical stimulation. Be sure to check out the wellness-focused workshops including yoga / acroyoga classes, live painting, theatrical festival characters, and even chill, kick-back spaces adorned with immersive art. On the chilly desert evenings, you can cozy up by one of the many bonfires, usually burning out of an aesthetic metal structure. Let’s not forget the various climbable art… this festival is truly a playground of fun for kids of all ages. 

3. Diverse Culinary Offerings 

The high-quality offerings of Gem and Jam food vendors are a treat of their own. Food trucks of nearly every cultural cuisine are offered on-site, catering to the preferences and needs of even the strictest diets. With this diversity, Gem and Jam does an excellent job keeping all dietary needs met and tastebuds ecstatic. 

4. Gem Culture

Gem and Jam Festival is rooted in the eclectic culture of desert-dwelling, music-loving, and gem-awing Tucsonans, looking to connect deeper with the gifts from our Earth. Tucson celebrates gem and mineral showcasing throughout January and February, with its largest exhibit at the Tucson Convention Center through the weekend of February 10th-13th, 2022. Gem, mineral, and fossil aficionados from all over the world are drawn to these events, which bring an exceptionally diverse crowd to the Gem and Jam festival in early February. The fun continues into the Tucson Renaissance Fair, which opens just after Gem and Jam and continues through April. The festivities are seemingly endless! 

5. Intention 

Gem and Jam aims to be an intentional festival celebrating community and creation. One of many examples is the consistent support of the local music and art community. The ‘All The Homies’ stage features a lineup of Arizona artists and receives a plethora of well-deserved love from the audience. This event stays close to its roots with respect and appreciation for the community that started it all. 

In the name of philanthropy, Tribe 13 Art Gallery and Gem and Jam Festival historically raise money for local artist non-profits. In 2020, nearly $4,000 in donations was raised to benefit the Tucson Art Collective [Non-Profit], Many Mouths One Stomach. To learn more about their mission, visit manymouths.org. Keep an eye out for donation opportunities including this year’s silent auction, if you would like to contribute as well! 

Gem and Jam 2022 has something for everyone and even more. If you have not yet experienced the magic of this festival, you are in for a weekend of incredible surprise. 

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