The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival 2020 Update: Waiting To Werk It

Photos By: Danica Nuestro & Devin Orlando

For 10 consecutive years, The Werks have hosted a summer party called The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival bringing together top artists from around the world. Held at the iconic Legend Valley Concert Venue in recent years, the festival underwent a few changes last year including new alcohol policies and additional fees that left some festival goers unhappy. In a recent announcement, The Werk Out Festival Team has decided to use the 2020 festival season as a much needed break to re-energize and refocus for the 2021 Werk Out. They have listened to the festival goers and have decided to go back to the way the festival was conducted before the new policies were implemented. The announcement of a three-day Phish run the same weekend that The Werk Out is traditionally held also played a role in The Werks decision. Check out the full announcement below. 

**The Werk Out Festival Announcement**

First of all, we want to start by thanking everyone who has supported The Werk Out Festival for the last 10 years. You are all some of the best people on planet earth and we literally cannot thank you enough for all of the love and support you have shown us. As many of you know, throwing an outdoor camping music festival is not an easy endeavor. We were thrown a “curveball” this year with Phish being down the street from us for three nights the same weekend we have traditionally thrown The Werk Out. With that, amongst other reasons, we decided the best decision for The Werk Out Festival is to skip a year and come back stronger than ever in August 2021.

The Werk Out Festival is a huge undertaking that an entire team of people spend all year preparing for. We want The Werk Out to be the best experience possible for our fans, as well as the bands/friends that we bring to Ohio. Even though last year was spectacular on so many levels, due to growing pains, we feel we fell short on delivering the experience you all have come to expect from The Werk Out.

For the next year and a half, we will be planning the BEST Werk Out Festival yet! There will be no alcohol sales or alcohol checkpoints, it will be BYOB again! There will be no parking fees, everything will be included in the ticket price. We will be bringing it back to the party that everyone fell in love with. The Werk Out is not just about the music and the art; it’s about the community, the vibe, and the experience that we create together.

Stay tuned for a 2021 Werk Out Date Announcement, as well as more dates from THE WERKS!

Much love to you all! Cheers to you!

~The Werk Out Festival Team

Despite the cancellation of this year’s Werk Out Music & Arts Festival there will still be opportunities to catch The Werks live in 2020. The band has recently announced festival appearances at Summer Camp and Spring Hookahville 53, as well as a chance to watch Chris Houser perform with Cheezcake when they open for Twiddle on April 18th in Columbus. The Werks have not announced any other tour dates for the year, but based on the announcement above, more dates will be coming. You never know where they could pop up! Keep your eye out for any future show announcements and the hopeful return of The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival 2021! 






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