Coronavirus: Cancelled and Postponed Music Events (Updating)

RECENT UPDATES (3/31): Ill Points, Boston Calling and Essence Fest have all issued statements.

The rapidly-circulating coronavirus Covid-19 has been looming large over world economy, and the music industry has not been immune from its impact. Just this Thursday, America’s two largest concert promoters, Live Nation and AEG, cancelled all large tour dates for the remainder of March. This came in the wake of a wave of major festival delays and cancellations, and this trend isn’t likely to end soon, so we will be keeping this list updated as news arrises.

South by Southwest (SXSW)
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (Postponed, October 9-11/16-18)
Stagecoach Festival (Postponed, October 23-25)
Ultra Music Festival – Miami
Tomorrowland Winter – France
BUKU Music + Arts Project (Postponed, September)
Deja Voom – Cancun
Get Lucky – Salt Lake City
Rampage – Belgium (Postponed, September 18-19)
Time Warp – Germany
Beyond Wonderland – SoCal (Postponed, June 19-20)
All LiveNation Tours (Until April)
All AEG Tours (Until April)
Lightning in a Bottle (Postponed Indefinitely)
Powabunga Music Festival – Lake Tahoe (Postponed, TBA)
Glastonbury Festival
Backwoods Music Festival
Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival (Postponed, September 24-27)
Hotel Elsewhere (Postponed, December 4-7)
Ubbi Dubbi (Postponed, October 30-31)
Firefly Music Festival
Ill Points Music Festival (Postponed, October 16-17)
Boston Calling Music Festival
Essence Music Festival (Postponed, Fall 2020)

Keep in mind that this is a story that will continue to develop and change as the world’s medical researches learn more about this pandemic and how best to control it. In the meantime, just make sure to follow all of the sensible precautions– avoid crowds when possible, stay home if you’re feeling sick, eat and hydrate well, don’t panic, and for the love of Flume, wash your hands!

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