Cofresi Discusses New Single “PATIENCE” ft. Megan Hamilton [Festival Squad Artist Exclusive]

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Last weekend, we received some new music from one of the most talented beatsmiths in dance music today. This past weekend, Cofresi released a refreshing new single “Patience” ft. Megan Hamilton. To demonstrate the pure talent and diversity of the producer, the track features an eclectic blend of future bass synths, pop, a crunching, wobbly bassline, topped off with a sweet serenade of vocals from Megan. We got the chance to sit down and talk with Cofresi ahead of the release of this single. Check it out below.

Festival Squad: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me about your upcoming single “Patience”. We’re really looking forward to the release and to learn a little about the background of the song.

Cofresi: No problem, thank you for doing this and the support on the song.

FS: Can you tell me what it was like working with Megan Hamilton on “Patience”?

Cofresi: Working with Megan was refreshing and fun. She’s a super creative and talented individual. Her solid vocal execution and an overall positive mindset throughout the recording process was something I respect and appreciate

FS: Can you talk a little bit on the creative process behind making the song?

Cofresi: I sent Megan a rough yet structured idea of drums and synths this past summer. I was expecting to get back an array of cool melodies and her signature sounds to work with, but she totally surprised me with a full vocal topline. The process then flipped to highlight the vocals and create more of a song with elements of future bass, pop and trippy undertones. We went back and forth on a few concepts and mixdowns and then it eventually all came together in its current form and structure.

FS: What was the inspiration behind “Patience”? Is there a story to it?

Cofresi: Well, Patience is a song that’s completely left field from what I usually make. There are a lot of different elements that I used in that song. It’s got a little pop in it, some future bass of course, and I actually drew a little bit of inspiration from CharlestheFirst on the bass in the first drop. Also, Megan blew me away when she sent me the vocals.

FS: What else are you currently working on?

Cofresi: I’ve got an album coming out later this year that we’re all really excited about. It’s going to be called “Illuminate,” so be on the lookout for that soon. Also working on a few collabs with some extremely talented people.

FS: You have such a wide array of genres in your productions. Can you name some of your favorite songs that you’ve made?

Cofresi: My Mr. Sandman flip was really fun to make. Kind of did it just for fun and it turned out to be a huge track. Jello is another one of my favorites. Also, Voodoo with Flamingosis.

FS: What are some artists that you’d like to work with?

Cofresi: Uh, that’s a good one. This one has less to do with a collab but I would really like to see how Liquid Stranger works in the studio! I’d like to collab with Boombox Cartel, Quix. Guys like those I really enjoy they’re styles and think we’d make something dope.

FS: Is there anything else you’d like to mention to the fans about Patience?

Cofresi: Yeah! I’m extremely happy and excited with the way the song came out. It’s just so different and such a vibe and I’m extremely proud of this piece and I hope people enjoy it!

You can check out Cofresi and Megan Hamilton’s latest single “Patience” out everywhere now. Click here to stream.

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