Warm Up This Winter In jackLNDN and Frameworks's "Unknown"

Photos by Stillvika

While most of us in the Northern Hemisphere are freezing our butts off in one of the coldest months of the year, deep house indie producer jackLNDN is providing us with more music to keep us warm through the winter. Following his Thoughts LP release, Fluida offered a driving, Latin groove to Jack’s “With You,” which we covered last December. This time around, Jack has enlisted another one of his favorite artists from Britain to transform another track from the LP, “Unknown,” which released on January 10: Frameworks.

Known for releases on First Word and Emancipator’s label Loci Records, Matt Brown, aka Frameworks, has made himself known within the electronic community for his downtempo and instrumental hip-hop sounds. As expected, his signature downtempo soundscapes grace jackLNDN’s “Unknown.” The iteration lends the listener a moment of blissful meditation. Known for his warm blossoming strings and pulsing bass, Frameworks’s reinvention is definitely a refreshing change of pace from Jack’s percussion-heavy, made-for-the-playa original. After giving this song a listen, it’s no wonder that Frameworks is one of Jack’s absolute favorite artists.

From early February to late March, Frameworks will be traveling all around the United States alongside Little People and YPPAH as part of Loci Records and Future Archive Recordings’ winter tour, with stops in Portland, San Diego, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago and many more. You can check out his Songkick to see if he’s coming to a city near you here. For now, Frameworks is not slated for any festival performances in 2020. However, with previous sets at ARISE, Lightning in a Bottle, Imagine and Coachella, I am hopeful that some announcements will be rolling out through the next couple of months. Fingers crossed!

With this remix completing Jack’s Thoughts project (for now), we have yet to know when to expect new music or announcements from him. Jack is currently in the studio, working on his 2020 EP, but the tentative release date has been yet to be solidified or confirmed. However, with him just finishing up his Thoughts tour a couple of months ago and releasing two new music videos during that time frame, he has just been on fire with the art he has been creating; I’m excited to see what the new decade will bring us. Hopefully this hiatus will allow him to rejuvenate from his incredible busy year and create another masterpiece that will keep us talking into the next decade!

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