jackLNDN’s ‘Thoughts’ Makes a Return With Fluida’s Remix of “With You”

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Described by Insomniac as “the new face of house music,” deep house producer jackLNDN went above and beyond with his recent self-released debut album, Thoughts. Noted as the most emotionally charged and personal piece of music he has ever done, Thoughts had been an approximate eight-month work in progress. The dedication and emotion put into this album prove to be one of his best yet.

The passion and emotion emitted from the album did not go unnoticed, even before the release was out. Prior to the release, the buzz around the album was monumental and received support from outlets such as EDM.com, Magnetic Mag and Mixmag. Adding to the high anticipation, Jack was one of ten handpicked artists from Mixmag’s Magnified program and debuted a couple of his tracks from Thoughts at Mixmag’s Lab LA in December of 2018.

Photo by Stillvika

Unlike his typical upbeat productions, the English artist opened up about his year of introspection and was candidly unreserved through the masterful 12-track LP. That was not the only thing Jack has been up to, though. Starting in Brooklyn, New York in late July, Jack recently concluded his 12-city Thoughts tour a couple of weeks ago, which had stops in Denver, Phoenix, Austin, Seattle, Los Angeles and Boston.

jackLNDN Remixes To Come!

As a follow-up to the highly successful reception of Thoughts, Jack has entrusted none other than fellow Brits Fluida and Frameworks to remix “With You” and “Unknown.” Fluida’s remix was recently released on December 13, and Frameworks’ is set to release on January 10. The two remixes are intended to keep fans warm this winter, while Jack is in the studio working on his 2020 EP.

Fluida brings a driving, Latin groove to Jack’s “With You.” The duo transformed the track into something more suited for a daytime soirée: vocals were chopped, drums were layered and they proceeded to get splashy with cymbals. 

“The snippet of the piano really helped set the vibe, and there was a softness to the texture of Jack’s voice which we sprinkled throughout the track to help keep things intimate.” -Fluida

We still have one month left until Frameworks releases his remix of “Unknown,” and until then, we’ll just have to keep bumpin’ this new Fluida track until the new year comes!

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