Catching Up with Cat Dealers [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interview by Mykalanne Van Driel | Photos via Cat Dealers

Brazilian brothers Lugui and Pedrão have created a name for themselves internationally in the electronic scene. As Cat Dealers, they have been listed in DJ Mag’s Top 100 list of the biggest DJ’s in the world, hit major international festivals such as Lollapalooza and Ultra Brasil, opened for acts like Shakira and much more. We’ve had the opportunity to chat with them despite their busy festival and show schedules.

Festival Squad: Hi guys! My name is Mykalanne, and I’m so honored to have the opportunity to interview you for Festival Squad! Regrettably I’m not able to be there in person, but I’m working to change that in the future, and just because I’m not physically there doesn’t mean we can’t have a fun time! Let’s get started…

FS: It seems like the two of you are on the cusp of international fame! what is it like for you for people to recognize you outside of a performance?

Cat Dealers: It’s really crazy haha! You think you’ll get used to it, but it blows our minds still to this day. It’s very flattering actually and we feel really privileged to have such awesome fans. They’re always respectful and kind, so it’s pretty cool meeting them.

FS: Being brothers, how has the rest of your family been supportive with your success in the music industry?

CD: Our family has always supported us, we’re very lucky. Even in the beginning, when there were a lot of doubts and uncertainties, they worried for us, of course, but they also told us to pursue what we wanted.

FS: Which of your tracks has had the deepest personal connection to each of you, and why?

CD: For me (Pedrão) it’s one of the firsts we did: “Like It.” I don’t know why, I just feel it has an emotional feeling that I relate to. For Lugui, nowadays it’s our remix for Axwell “Don’t Worry,” because it has a different style that we are loving and it is working super well on the dance floor.

FS: You have met so many amazing talents through your collaborations such as Joy Corporation, Icona Pop, and Le Dib. Has anyone you have met along your journey that has made either one of you star-struck? Who do you have the goal of working with in the future?

CD: We actually met many artists that we are huge fans of and we had to concentrate to stay calm. Before being producers and DJs, we were huge fans of electronic music so we get like that meeting all of the big artists hahaha, but since we started touring around the world it became more common for us to meet our idols so we are getting more used to it.

FS: Over the past few years the festival scene has been blowing up and flourishing intensely. What is the biggest change you have noticed in the rise of festivals and their popularity?

CD: We love festivals, they are great opportunities for people to get to know different artists from all around the world. Most festivals today invite artists from various places and it ends up with a variety of cultures. We for example, already had the chance to play at some amazing festivals in a lot of different countries. Another thing that we’ve noticed, is that nowadays the big festivals are more open to all kinds of music genres. In the same event you can see a rock performance, an electronic gig and a pop artist, and that’s pretty cool.

FS: Congratulations on headlining Lollapalooza and Laroc Club! What are some festivals you two most hope to play in the future?

CD: Thank you! We love almost all festivals across the world hahaha. But we would love to play in EDC Las Vegas, Ultra Miami, Tomorrowland, Sziget Festival… There are so many that we want to play hahaha.

FS: As we all know, dreams come with a price. What sacrifices have either of you had to make while pursuing your career?

CD: That’s 100% true! We love what we do and we never regret it, but we don’t have a normal life anymore. We almost don’t have any time to spend with our friends and family, for example. We are always traveling, so we miss them a lot.

FS: This is a fun question I always like to ask. What is something you have never done, but you think you would be good at? An example I like to give is that I think I would be a really good race-car driver!

CD: Hahahah that’s fun! I think for me (Pedrão) I would be really good fishing in the open sea hahaha. Lugui would be good at water skiing.

FS: Together, you have traveled the world performing. Where has been your favorite place to visit this far and why?

CD: We don’t have a favorite place because we love traveling everywhere. All places have something different to offer, so it is hard to decide which one we like best. But everywhere we go, we like to think about what it would be like to live there for the rest of our lives and the one that we think that fits the most with our way of life is Barcelona.

FS: As artists/musicians, what is the message you want your music to send to your audience?

CD: Never give up on your dreams! Sometimes it’s hard, but if you keep pushing, you will achieve it!

FS: Thank you so much, Lugui and Perdão, for taking the time to answer my questions today. I think the both of you bring something unique to the genre of dance music and house, and I’m extremely excited for the two of you for carrying out your dreams, and I can’t wait to watch you succeed!

You can keep up with Cat Dealers on their InstagramFacebookTwitter, and Spotify.

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