Influenced by the Sacred Valley, MORiLLO Releases Debut LP, ‘Colibri’

Colibri, out now, consists of the ten-track debut LP by the global influencer himself, MORiLLO. MORiLLO traveled to the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru earlier this year, where he shut off the world as we know it in order to dive deeper into his creativity. Living off the grid, he dedicated his attention and the magical energy within the valley towards producing sound design unlike any other project he has done before.



As an artist making music on drums at a young age, MORiLLO has since grown his passion into what we know it as today. Through experience and exploration, he found a distinct sound among hip-hop, bass and worldly synths. With a book full of awards and experiences, MORiLLO became a global influence through his ability to create music.

The artist has performed at several worldly known music festivals, including but not limited to, Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Shambala and many more. His music has been released and supported by Muti Music, Play Me Records, Foundation Recordings and Gravitas Recordings.  In addition, GoPro has used his music for many advertising videos that have reached millions of views.


Touching on several genres, Colibri captures the instrumental influence behind MORiLLO’s time spent in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The ten-track, debut LP exemplifies his organic sound design and includes the world, bass and tribal instrumentals of the craft.

Kicking off the LP is a soft introduction into “One Love, One Heart” that brings in light instrumentals and tribal vocals, capturing the mood for what’s to come. Flowing into “World House” are the sounds of nature intertwining with the flutes that drop immediately into a deeper and heavier bass. A hint of reggae follows next as listeners get lost in the rhythm of “Guinea Pig.”


Hip-hop influenced, “PPV’s” rolls in the vocals of AWALL, changing the mood from instrumental into glitchy, stronger bass. The next title says it all: “Booty” will leave fans shaking nothing less than their own. To continue, “Fire Burn” with Ulula Roots leads into a symphonic library of flutes known as “Humming Bird.”

“Brooklyn” continues the hip-hop game as “Ascension” adds to the dance genre. Concluding the debut LP Colibri, “Movement” slows it down a notch mixing in all genres of world, tribal, bass and dance with a mix of strings and instrumentals.

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