We’re Expanding! Festival Squad Open Positions

Featured Photo by Chris Taylor

Want to combine your love of festivals with your work skills, meet like-minded festival lovers, and learn more about behind-the-scenes aspects of the festival industry? You’re in luck! Festival Squad is expanding the team – and we want YOU.

Whether you’re a news junkie with a love for music or an Instagram Story-obsessed social media connoisseur, we likely have a spot for you. 

Benefits of being a Festival Squad team member include:
– Tickets / press passes to festivals and shows
– The opportunity to interview artists and other industry professionals
– Networking opportunities within the festival industry
– Plenty of opportunities to grow your professional portfolio
– The potential to grow within the team and take on leadership roles

(Please note that these roles are unpaid with the exception of the Promotions Manager role.)

Contributing Writer

What you’ll do:
– Elevate Festival Squad content with your original voice, covering breaking news items, lineup drops, in-person events (festivals, touring shows, etc.) and other festival-related content
– Provide reliable and accurate information in a timely manner when new content is announced
– Research current and new topics as they relate to music festivals and the festival experience
– Follow specific Festival Squad writing guidelines when creating new articles 
– Represent yourself as a Festival Squad professional when attending media events and provide creative, quality coverage via Instagram Stories
– Meet your required amount of articles each month

What you’ll bring to the team:
– An established voice and knowledge of writing. You don’t need to be a professional writer, but you should have strong writing/grammar skills and writing samples exemplifying both.
– Experience with/willingness to learn how to conduct interviews. We love talking shop with other festival lovers, be they artists, promoters, or festival companies.
– A passion for live music/festivals. This goes without saying for basically all of our positions, but is most important for writers – if you hate live music, this isn’t the gig for you.
– Enough availability to research, draft, and edit Festival Squad articles on a regular basis. This isn’t a full-time job, but we do need you to hit a monthly minimum.

Apply here: Contributor Application

Photographer / Videographer

What you’ll do:
– Capture photo/video during events
– Provide reliable, edited content in a timely manner
– Represent as a Festival Squad professional when attending events as media
– Provide creative, quality coverage of events via Instagram Stories
– Follow specific Festival Squad/event guidelines
– Occasionally shoot directly for an artist, organization, brand, or specific partner during events

What you’ll bring to the team:
– Photography degree or professional experience 
– Strong photo/video editing skills (on the platform of your choice)
– Working knowledge of Adobe Suite or other photo editing software
– An enthusiasm for live music and festivals and ability to capture more than just the performer – we show all aspects of festivals in our coverage.

Apply here: Photographer / Videographer Application

Social Media Manager

What you’ll do:
– Administrate all published content for each social platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) 
– Engage with comments and postings on all platforms
– Post daily/weekly content that is relevant to current topics in the music industry
– Engage with the Festival Squad audience through creative campaign marketing
– Design memes, gifs, videos, and photo content
– Develop creative content that will grow and maintain our following

What you’ll bring to the team:
– A working use of new and old social media platforms. You’re an early adopter of new channels, and you know how to best utilize established ones to build engagement and followers.
– Social media writing chops. Can you write a press release? Great! We want you to be able to take that longer-form piece and translate it to a short tweet or Instagram post.
– A desire to continue learning -we need someone to stay on top of the newest social media trends, whether it’s new platforms or new ways to use platforms.

Apply here: Social Media Manager Application

Promotions Manager

What you’ll do:
– Manage active promotions (such as ticket/product giveaways) while working to create timelines for each promotion
– Set up and create promotions while building relationships with artists, promoters, and other relative companies
– Find and create new opportunities for promotions – this will include researching appropriate partners (music, lifestyle, and product companies relevant to the festival industry), then reaching out to build/maintain relationships with company contacts (PR agents, product sales reps, marketing teams, etc.).
– Create and manage campaigns to promote company products and giveaways
– Increase and improve marketing sales

What you’ll bring to the team:
– You’re a people person – you can build and maintain relationships with various players in the music industry.
– You have an understanding of marketing basics and get how giveaways work. Your work will benefit both Festival Squad and our partners.
– You’re responsible. When companies, artists, and events partner with us, they expect that we’ll hold up our end of the bargain and bring value to the partnership.

This position will also earn 10% commission on all promotion deals.

Apply here: Promotions Manager Application

Do any these positions sound like you? Awesome – apply to join the team below. We can’t wait to meet you!

Contributor Application
Photographer / Videographer Application
Social Media Manager Application
Promotions Manager Application


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