Inspired by Cultures Around The World, SWAYLÓ Releases ‘Reflections’

Noah De St. Croix Kessler, also known as SWAYLÓ, is known for creating experiences through music and workshops around the world. His new EP, Reflections, is officially out on Gravitas Recordings and reflects on ancient and future sounds. The four-track EP allows listeners to soar through a mystical celebration of his sonic waves.



SWAYLÓ grew within the upbringing lifestyles of New Mexico and Southern Africa. While engulfing different cultures into his everyday life, he transformed these experiences through sounds and adventure.  SWAYLÓ is the man behind the operation, but the term is also the name for his broader artist collective. Bringing together all kinds of workshops in the art world, the collective focuses on recreating ancient human lifestyles.

As a collective, SWAYLÓ focuses on yoga, meditation, workshops, music and more. These gatherings are brought together to understand the celebration of transforming music into an adventurous experience. His sounds dive deep into the roots of house music mixed with tribal enlightenment. 

SWAYLÓ puts on events throughout the country focusing most recently in Texas, Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. Bringing together artists from all over, these events allow people to dive into their own wellness and behavior. As he would say, SWAYLÓ is “For the seekers. The dreamers. The creators. The adventurers.”


Continuing his unique abilities, Reflections is inspired by music and cultures around the world. Taking his love for ancient and future music, these four tracks will guide you through a new mediation. 

Kicking off the EP is the tribal hit of “Desert Flower.” Listeners first heard this track as premier on Run The Trap, where it has hit over 60k streams. Diving into the deep sounds of nature and what creeps between the trees, “Ancient Forest” leaves listeners dancing with mother nature.

“Ocean Flame” follows through while combining tribal chants and the organic instrumentals of global house. Reaching the most recognition, “Ocean Flame” has hit over 80k streams on Spotify. It has been recognized by Run The Trap, Beautiful Buzz, Raver Rafting, Your EDM, Earmilk, and more. 

Concluding the EP, “Second Nature” slows down to a slower tempo of a breezy and vocalist conclusion. In addition to the EP release, he has released an official music video for “Desert Flower.” The video exhibits the unique art, landscapes, animals, and people that inhabit the Earth. As Reflections is SWAYLÓ’s first release on a record label, the artist has created nothing less of a worldly experience.

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