My Experience Since Beginning Bassnectar’s Funded Therapy

All photos by Don Idio

Can you think back to that moment or event in your childhood that shaped you as a person? Something so impactful that it leaves a lasting mark on your soul and who you become. Often times it’s the painful moments of life that create these impacts. These moments usually come with heavy emotions. Most of us are taught to ignore our feelings and tuck them deep away inside of us. Years of built-up unaddressed feelings are bound to have an impact on current relationships and behaviors. This is one of the reasons why therapy is so beneficial. We probably have more moments “blacked out” of our memories than we realize that are dying to be released. 

For me, that moment was my parent’s divorce. Without getting into too much detail, I was very young when my parents separated. As a young child, I dealt with both divorce attorneys and therapists. I remember I would sit in my therapy sessions and not speak a word for the whole hour. I was simply a hurt child who didn’t understand how to express my feelings, like so many other young children. 

Why Even Consider Therapy?

The characteristic of not understanding how to effectively communicate my feelings carried into my adult life. This is a common pattern for many. As children we aren’t taught the most effective ways to deal with situations, therefore, we resort to childlike tendencies in our adult life if that behavior has never been corrected. 

With all that being said, I was hesitant signing up for free therapy through the Bassnectar initiative. For so long, my perception of therapy was a place I was forced to go which I didn’t enjoy and made me uncomfortable. However, I made the decision to give it another shot. Part of the reason is that I’m older now and part of the reason is that, well, Bassnectar. The lasting impact Bassnectar music has had on my life is larger than any other. I have found so much healing through Bassnectar’s sound and most importantly, the Bassnectar community. 

Beginning Stages 

It’s been 3 weeks since Bassnectar announced the funding for free therapy. This was offered to 2,000 people through the partnership with Be Interactive and BetterHelp. Initially, the initiative was for 1,000 people. The responses within a day led the team to expand the service to 1,000 more. 

Within the past few days, emails have been sent to participants to fill out a survey that assists in pairing them with a therapist. The survey consisted of a series of questions that evaluate different aspects of well-being including sleep, energy, eating habits, and so on. 

As of a few days ago, I now have met my therapist! All of the therapy sessions are done online. My therapist gave me the parameters of her hours and made it clear she would always answer within 24 hours. 

What I’ve Learned So Far

It’s amazing how much you can sort out in your brain just from writing. Since all of the services are online, I have been typing out a summary of my life experiences and different areas of my life I want to improve. I notice as I type a place of higher wisdom takes over. When this happens I start responding with clarity on the situation. I am able to map back to childhood why I behave in certain ways.

For example, I have always struggled with speaking up for myself and using my voice. Just through flow typing, I was able to identify the reasons why I have been lead to believe I shouldn’t use my voice, which of course, is a false limiting belief that was programmed into me as a child. 

Simply by getting our feelings and thoughts out of the confined space in our minds we are able to gain clarity. When we stay trapped in our own brains repeating old stories it can lead to self-sabotage. The act of bringing full consciousness to our feelings is a huge release. So far, I have learned the importance of communication and truly digging deep into your feelings. As humans, we carry so much weight and pain in us. It’s time to do ourselves a favor and release these past burdens. 

Start Your Healing Journey Today

I know it seems scary to address your emotions you’ve hidden for so many years because I have experienced this first hand. I also know how refreshing it feels to heal. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone for help or to talk to about your thoughts and feelings. We all have things we deal with every day. Let’s heal together. I’d love to hear anyone’s feedback from their experiences with therapy! To a higher zone, you are not alone.

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