Holy Molé! New Music from Codes

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NYC-based Dirtybird alum Codes is back at it again with a new house single, “Les Do This,” out last Friday. Not only is this track brand new – Codes released it on his very own (and also new) label, Holy Molé.

“Les Do This” is a perfect party or night-out song. The title couldn’t be more accurate, because listening to it is like a sonic pregame. It’s the type of track that pumps you up for a great night out without being too much (it’s the first few shots when you’re pleasantly buzzed with all your friends; not the last drink of the night, when everyone’s wasted and you’ve lost half your group). With that, it would be an ideal choice for a Las Vegas tourism commercial. I was in Vegas a few weeks ago, and listening to this song is taking me right back to Wet Republic, the Strip, and running around the city for a night. Check it out here.

But Codes didn’t just give us a new single – he gave us an entire EP, including “Les Do This” plus remixes from Mitch Dodge, Grensta, Cour T., and Nonfiction. There’s something for everyone, whether you want a classic house track or even something a little more techno-oriented.

New music aside, Codes starting his own label is also a huge deal, and we can’t wait to see what comes out of it. I love a good pun and Mexican food, so the fact that the label’s named “Holy Molé” brings me so much joy (…and hunger).  The label’s described as “saucy,” and “from spicy to sweet or somewhere in-between” – just like actual molé sauce (*currently drooling*). Learn more about the label, find more Holy Molé releases, or even submit your own demo to them here.

Ready to hear Codes in person? You’re in luck if you’re in Colorado, Florida or Washington. Codes will be making appearances in all three states during the month of October for his “Pleasure Tour.” He’s stopping in Denver on Friday, October 4 and heading across the country to Jacksonville on Saturday, October 5. He then takes a break and hits up Seattle on Friday, October 25. Codes is also bringing a few friends along! Golf Clap will be joining him in Denver, while Dateless and Petey Clicks will be on hand in Seattle. Get your tickets here.

Can’t make it to these shows? No worries. Follow Codes and Holy Molé on social for info about new releases and upcoming appearances:

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