Crywolf’s New Remix Album Will Send You To Oblivion [Reimagined]

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Earlier this year, LA-based Justin Taylor Phillips (also known as Crywolf) stunned us all with his masterful OBLIVION [Reimagined] series, starring revamped versions of tracks from his studio album widow [OBLIVION pt. 1]. Throughout the year, OBLIVION [Reimagined] had featured a variety of electronic music’s up-and-coming producers, such as MieloIan MunroLast Heroes, and many more. While Crywolf was away in Bali and producing part 2 of the album, little did we know he was giving the Reimagined series a whole new life.

On October 4, Crywolf introduced his latest masterpiece, a 15-track collection of remixes from his OBLIVION [Reimagined] series that features 10 previously released remixes and five brand new tracks. For this particular release, Crywolf went a step further and hosted an official “ULTRAVIOLENT” remix competition with SKIO Music, with one lucky producer who earned a spot on the remix album, Skrybe. Alongside Skrybe are Shizuo, One True God, Synchronice, and HVDES to bring OBLIVION [Reimagined] to fruition.

I remember my first time seeing Crywolf at Electric Forest 2016. His set was one of the most raw, yet fun sets of the weekend and definitely one of the most memorable. At one point, he did an emotional singing rendition of “XO TOUR Llif3.” You know, the upbeat and fast song that says, “Push me to the edge, all my friends are dead.” This remix album cements his status as an innovator that constantly challenges the notion of music having to fit into one singular genre or box. Each producer brings a unique flavor to OBLIVION [Reimagined] to give the new product a colorful and undefinable unity that dives into various styles within electronic music.

“I wanted this compilation to be more than just simple remixes of my songs. I wanted the widow album to be seen with a completely new set of eyes. I urged everyone to process the material through their own creative lenses. The result is a mixture of remixes and covers that I believe take the original material into really exciting new sonic territory. I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such brilliantly creative people, and I’m so grateful to everyone involved in the release.” -Crywolf

After releasing his 16-track album widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I], Crywolf relocated to Bali to focus on creating part 2 of the widow album, slated for release in 2020. Recently, Crywolf has been performing in Indonesia without many future performances announced or public yet; fingers crossed he makes his return to the United States relatively soon!

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