Countdown to the Kickoff of Imagine Festival

Imagine Music Festival is here! Plan your weekend and get ready to dive into “What Lies Beneath The Ocean”. This year marks the six year anniversary of Imagine Music Festival and they’re making sure it goes off with a bang. With all new stage designs and a killer lineup, we’re excited to see what new amenities Imagine has in store and what they’ve improved.

The lineup for 2019 includes acts all over the EDM spectrum. From Above & Beyond, Lane 8, Darude, Claude von Stroke to Svdden Death, Subtronics, Boogie T, Squnto, Rezz and many more, there’s definitely something for everyone. On top of the artists we all know and love, Imagine always brings on plenty of new and upcoming acts, so make sure to get inside early and hit the Techyes, Six Feather, and Disco Inferno stages.

2019 is the first year that Imagine is going on for four days, with a special b2b2b set on Thursday from Sullivan King, Kai Wachi, and Kompany. Other Thursday acts include Blunts & Blondes, Space Jesus and a surprise guest to kick the night off. On top adding a fourth day, Imagine has also added group camping to their amenities, as well as double the water stations and shaded structures inside the festival.

Lineup Update

There has been a slight update for Friday, September 20. Diplo has been replaced by DJ Diesel AKA Shaquille O’Neil. Diplo had to cancel his performance due to “unforeseen circumstances” but will be returning to Atlanta soon to make it up. While we’re sad to be missing out on Diplo, seeing DJ Diesel perform is a rare opportunity and we’re interested to see what he will bring to the table! DJ Diesel is known for his bassy collabs and even joining in on the fun in the pit after his set.

Exciting Extras

End every night with the plethora of Silent Disco sets Imagine has to offer, ending at 7am each day. Definitely take advantage of these silent discos because you never know who may show up. Imagine is also bringing an immersive new experience to the festival with the Guerrilla 360 stage as part of the TechYes stage.

On top of all the epic sets happening over the weekend, Imagine is offering a plethora of workshops and classes throughout. From yoga to kandi and totem making, there’s something for everyone! Dive deep into “What Lies Beneath The Ocean” and celebrate five years of Imagine!

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