GoodSex Releases Groovy Sophomore EP, ‘With Friends Vol. 2’

GoodSex follows their latest single, “Glow,” with their sophomore EP, With Friends Vol. 2. The EP consists of the upbeat, energetic rhythms of the Chicago-based duo’s unique house sound. Collaborating with artists such as Genevieve, Trance Johnson, Marine D. Alderete, the EP will leave you doing the hustle in your own living room.

Influenced by many of the number one house DJ’s in the world,- Justin Martin, Polish Ambassador and Claude Von Stroke-, there’s no doubt GoodSex is just getting started. The goal of their music is to do one thing they say, it’s all about making you move. The two combine a variety of genres within their interests into an electro-soul, trap-house atmosphere that is created throughout the entire EP.

With Friends Vol. 2. 

“Glow,” the first of the five tracks, was first released as the EP’s lead single. Taking the artistic abilities and vocals of Genevieve and Trance Johnson, the melodic house track kicks off the EP. Moving into the electric disco vibe, “Frequency” increases the energy. Adding in the funky side of things, “Perfume” adds a little soul into the storyline.

“Like” brings together the diverse producing abilities of kick-drums and drumbeats, creating that new-wave groove. The EP has guitar and melodies that are voiced over by Marine D. Alderete, and “Love Song” completes the release.


The up and coming duo found a love for the Chicago house aesthetic when they began blending upbeat and energetic rhythms while experimenting with their unique sound. The two recently just performed for support with BoomBox on their Odgen Theatre New Years Even show in Denver. Being recognized all over the country, GoodSex has performed at well-known festivals such as Burning ManSpring Awakening, Summer Camp, and Electric Forest.

GoodSex has opened for artists such as Bassnectar, DVBBS, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Zeds Dead, and many more. They currently hold residency at Spybar, evilOlive, SolarBeatz, LA Social, and Maxbar. 

Not only do they perform within venues and music festivals, but they have also created their very own mobile stage. GoodSex has created a mobile stage built on a real engine school bus.  Their idea stemmed from saving thousands of dollars for production and build costs. GoodBus has been hitting major cities and events while allowing fans to enjoy their music straight from a bus. The sound stage comes with a 10,000 watt speaker system allowing for hundreds of fans to hear their new tunes in wide-open spaces.

The tour kicked off the beginning of this summer. To learn more, please click here

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