The Music Schedule for Burning Man is HERE

We are only a few short days from returning Home, and Burners from near and far are making their way to Reno, NV and into Black Rock City. For just one week, Burners will have to choose what activities to partake in and how to best manage their time on the Playa. For some of us, we choose to go with the flow and stop wherever our eyes linger. For others, we like to whip out our schedules and plan our activities based on what is available that sounds most interesting. One thing that is not available in the BRC schedule of events is the music schedule.

Thanks to the Rock Star Librarian, all musical acts have been accounted for in one place. Whether you prefer deep house, live music, or a wild combination of sounds, this guide has you covered. You can check the full musical lineup in BRC here. The only thing we see missing? Camp Questionmark, which typically brings the best bass and trap to the Playa. Keep tabs on that camp here.


See you in the Dust! )'(

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