Inside Sziget Festival 2019

Written by Klemen Kopina
Photos by Sandor Csudai and Lazlo Mudra

Held in Budapest, Hungary, Sziget Festival is one of the most exciting music festivals from around the world. 2019’s Sziget experience did not disappoint, with a mind-blowing lineup as well as an unbeatable vibe with plenty of fun attractions. Sziget proudly brings together people from around the world and encourages a culture of love and acceptance. Over five days, a community of music lovers came together for the party of a lifetime.

Photo: László Mudra – Rockstar Photographers

World-Class Lineup

As one of the biggest music festivals in the world, Sziget has always managed to draw a stunning lineup of global artists from all genres. This year’s lineup was no different, with headliners including Florence + The Machine, Foo Fighters, Post Malone, Ed Sheeran, Macklemore, Twenty One Pilots, The 1975, and so many other incredible artists. Festival goers could wander from stage to stage and check out their favorite artists. In total, there were approximately 60 stages, and music lovers could use the Sziget app to make sure they never missed one of their favorites. In addition to incredible music, the festival also included comedy, dance, circus, and other unique performing arts experiences, many of which showcased cultures from around the world. You could even take workshops to learn how to dance yourself.

photo: [ Sandor Csudai ] .

Incredible Attractions

Between sets, festival goers were treated to a huge lineup of attractions to enjoy. The weather was sunny for the majority of the festival, so visitors could really maximize their time and enjoy all of the activities. The only instance of rain was on the last day after midnight. There was something to cater to everyone, and many of the attractions were completely unique experiences. Some notable experiences included bungee jumping, a giant Ferris wheel, a human hamster wheel, bull riding, and a massage parlor to relax. There was also art displayed all around the festival, as well as activities and exhibits promoting social change. Sziget even partnered with Superar for this festival, an organization that brings the power of music to underprivileged kids.

photo: [ Sandor Csudai ] .

Amazing Experience

Sziget really goes above and beyond to create an amazing festival experience for their guests. There was a huge selection of food trucks, so no matter what your culinary preferences, it was easy to find delicious food you would love. They had options to cater to vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, sugar free, and lactose free diets, and there was even a grocery store on site where you could pick up any essentials you needed. Food trucks were conveniently placed near the attractions so you never had to go hungry during a show. There were also plenty of bars where you could grab a drink and socialize, including LGBT bars.

There were plenty of different camping options available to suit your personal preferences. You could rent a pre-built tent or house for a fee for extra comfort, or bring your own tent and pitch it in one of the many designated spaces throughout the island. You could purchase a guarded locker to make sure your items stayed safe, as well as a portable charger to stay connected with your phone. They also offered the Budapest CityPass so you could get out and enjoy the incredible culture of the area if you wanted. This included free public transit as well as airport shuttles and boat shuttles. You could get discounts on businesses throughout Budapest and local tours, as well as a one-time entry to one of the city’s many notable spas and bathhouses.

Photo: László Mudra – Rockstar Photographers

Overall, the 2019 Sziget Festival was a truly unique and incredible experience. They went above and beyond to make sure that the festival was a fun and comfortable event for everyone. By bringing so many different cultures and activities together, it created a positive and loving atmosphere that made for incredible memories.

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