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After months of individual artist drops teasing the Resonance Music & Arts Festival lineup, the first phase has finally been released. It features new comers and long standing favorites alike. Resonance will be welcoming back Tipper for two nights, Doom Flamingo, Omega Moos, Thriftworks and of course Papadosio who will play four sets over the course of the weekend. I’m beyond excited to check out all these amazing artists and more at the new venue this year! But first here’s a few sets I’m looking forward to the most.

Lineup from Resonance Music & Arts Festival’s official Facebook 


Chon is my most recent music find, shoutout Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist! This four man California band is making math cool again – well at least math rock that is. For those who don’t know what that is, as I didn’t before diving into this band; math rock is a style of rock music characterized by complex rhythmic and instrumental patterns. The style emerged in the late 80’s from progressive rock bands. Chon is bringing a breath of fresh air to this style and enticing listeners to consciously interact with their music. But hey don’t just listen to me, check it out for yourself!


At the tail end of their last successful tour Scott Hansen, the mastermind behind the chillwave sound, announced at Summer Camp Music Festival in 2018 that he was retreating from tour life to create an upcoming album. Needless to say, there was an air of excitement to see what the ambient electronica producer would introduce next. After many months of hard work and helpful equipment tutorials posted on Tycho’s social media for fans, the album is ready to be released! In fact the newest album Weather will grace our eardrums July 12th, 2019! I don’t know about you but Tycho is by far the artist I am most looking forward to hearing at Resonance – fingers crossed for a sunset set, how dreamy would that be?!

Detox Unit 

Up until the last few years you might not have heard of this underrated producer. He has a few publicly released works on Spotify, Soundcloud and BandCamp. However, if you really want to get the full experience of his filthy, glitchy goodness then you should definitely make an effort to see him live. Fans have been walking away from Tipper & Friends events for the past year with nothing but praise for his live sets. But until you get that chance, here’s his latest EP Deviate to blast on repeat.

Chris Karns 

For those who made it out to Resonance in 2018, you know Chris Karns brought the heat. That was my first time seeing Karns separate from the Pretty Lights Live band and he did not disappoint. This DMC world champion easily threw down the best set of the weekend. The past few months he’s been sharing new work on his social media so I have no doubt that his set will be a highlight this year as well!


They say birds of a feather flock together, in which case it is only natural for Spoonbill to grace Resonance’s lineup this year. Jim Moynihan, known by his stage name Spoonbill, is an accomplished Australian producer with 10 albums under his belt. He’s played all over the world but has had trouble in recent years playing in the US due to visa issues. Looks as though that is past him and we’re so happy that’s the case, as he will be able to make it to Resonance this year! If ya wanna peek his music to get a sense of what Spoonbill brings to the table, I highly recommend his enchanting new album Canopy.


With four sets of Papadosio, one can expect at least one set from front man Anthony Thogmartin’s solo project, EarthCry. Thogmartin has already produced one album within this project, Hear the Earth, Heal Yourself, Heal the Earth, Hear Yourself. But his latest project is making waves and altering musical expression. Identity Mitosis, which has been identified as his newest album, is an animated series combining visual reels and hypnotizing beats dreamily with a captivating storyline of an AI left on Earth 7 million years in the future to gather data on the planet. The series has a promising beginning with two episodes released thus far. I’m definitely looking forward to watching this story unfold online and hearing the new tracks live at Resonance!

This is one of the festivals I’m looking forward to the most this year – not just because of the awesome lineup but the genuine fans and art collaborations as well. It’s a festival full of beauty and I hope you all will have the opportunity to experience it for yourself!

Buy tickets here to join the magic at Cooper’s Lake in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania this September 19th-22nd!

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