Catching up with Billy Brouse [Exclusive Interview]

All Photos by Bradford Watkins

Papadosio, the five man interstellar jamtronica group originating from Athens, Ohio, has been making big moves this year. The band has released a new album Content Coma, toured across the states, and created their very own beer. We had the wonderful opportunity to get to know how keyboardist Billy Brouse enjoys his city, unplugs and more!

Festival Squad: The new Papadosio album Content Coma came out this year, it has a underlying message on the current state of the obsession with technology. Do you find yourself trapped in this “content coma”?

Billy Brouse: Yeah definitely a lot more so recently, so I’ve been trying to read after 7pm. I just started this week, so still pretty new, but I’m trying to create better habits. There’s all this access to the collective consciousness within your very pocket which is great but there’s just some things that are problematic. You should still try to reach out and live beyond the screen. Not saying to get rid of it, but just be aware of it. When we released that album, we were not trying to make a huge statement but more of an observation that we felt should be acknowledged.

FS: And are there any ways you actively refocus yourself away from social media?

BB: I like to go on hikes and read. I try to get outside as much as possible and use my hands. I’ll play the piano, work in the garden, anything to keep me busy.

FS: How does choosing special venues, such as the City Winery for NYE or the Pelham Caverns in August, play into the overall Papadosio experience?

BB: Well we have played pretty much everywhere so at this point, it’s like where can we play now? Especially now that we have some more options, it’s cool to check out new venues. But overall, we wanna keep you engaged. We want those to come to the show to be able to forget about any worries or stress, so at the end of the day that will always be our main focus for shows, and cool venues are just a bonus.

FS: Resonance Music Festival will be moving venues this year, to Cooper’s Lake in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. How do you feel about the move? 

BB: I wanna preface this by saying that Ohio will always be home, my parents still live there! I haven’t been to Cooper’s Lake but it looks like it’s gonna be a stellar venue, very nature esque. And I fully trust the team that puts it on. Honestly, I don’t even go to festivals anymore but I would go to Resonance, it’s a really cool fest.

FS: You guys also have a new beer made, the SEEquence Red IPA. How did that collaboration come about?

BB: We just reached out because we know the brewery and thought it’d be a cool idea. The idea was actually Rob’s though. He doesn’t drink as much beer anymore but if he says it’s a good idea then we’re definitely all on board.

FS: And finally I have to ask because you are based out of Asheville and it’s a really awesome city. Whats your favorite part of living there?

BB: I love driving up the parkway and finding a random trail to explore for a few hours. I also just love walking around downtown Asheville. I could people watch for hours down there. There’s so much to do and great beer to drink. Even better, there’s always a live show and activities going on in the community. It’s a really cool place to live.

FS: Thank you so much Billy! 

Looking to catch the next Papadosio show? Their Road to Resonance tour will be stopping in Lexington, Atlanta, Saint Petersburg, and Fort Lauderdale before arriving at Resonance Music Festival at Cooper’s Lake in Slippery Rock, PA.

And if you managed to grab a ticket to the sold out Pelham Caverns show in Tennessee, enjoy!! That is going to be a once in a lifetime show!

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