Porter Robinson’s Second Sky Festival to Benefit Robinson Malawi Fund

Feature Photo via Second Sky Festival

Here’s a theory that I believe everyone can agree on: Porter Robinson is a saint and we are blessed to be living in the same era as someone so kindhearted and passionate as him.

June has been a month of positive deeds for Porter, just before his first ever Second Sky Festival next week at the Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland, CA.

One of them, for example, is that Porter would be the replacement act for Martin Garrix at Ultra Korea and wished Martin a speedy recovery from his recent ankle injury. With that being said, Ultra Korea’s Day 1 Friday lineup would be closing with a set from his project Virtual Self, followed by a Porter Robinson DJ set. Incredible.

Now this other positive act hits home for Porter Robinson. Announced just recently, Porter has started the Robinson Malawi Fund in cooperation with UNC Medicine.

Photo via Second Sky Festival

While he was doing the Shelter Live Tour with Madeon, his younger brother Mark Robinson was diagnosed with a cancer called Burkitt Lymphoma in November of 2016. This was an incredibly difficult time for the Robinson family, but luckily with the help of the staff, nurses and doctors such as Dr. Westmoreland and Hipps at UNC, Mark Robinson had completed all treatments and was cancer free by early 2017.

Photo via Robinson Malawi Fund

One of Mark’s doctors, Dr. Kate Westmoreland, is in charge of UNC’s pediatric cancer program in Malawi, where the survival rate for Burkitt Lymphoma is as low as about 29%. With statistics like that, Porter wants to make a difference and help those in Malawi so those families would never have to go through the pain of losing loved ones.

Photo via Robinson Malawi Fund

During Second Sky Festival this June 15 and 16 in Oakland, there will be a booth where Mark’s doctor, Dr. Westmoreland, will be bringing light upon the Robinson Malawi Fund and accepting donations for this cause. In addition, Porter himself will be matching every single donation made at the festival during that weekend. INCREDIBLE.

So to go back on that theory that Porter Robinson is a saint? I believe we can now say that it is a fact. He is a saint and we do not deserve him.

Photo via Robinson Malawi Fund

For more information, check out the Robinson Malawi Fund website here.

For those who are unable to attend Second Sky Festival but would like to donate to this cause, donate through this link here!

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