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Golden Features finally made it to the US last Friday at Schimanski and all of his fans were extremely excited to finally see him live. Though still a developing artist in North America, Golden Features has been taking Australia by storm for some time now. He had a show planned in New York City in October of 2018 but was having Visa issues and had to cancel it. For fans of his in the US, it is hard to make it all the way to Australia to see an artist you love. Luckily he ended up getting announced on the first ever Foreign Family Collective Festival’s lineup this year which took place in Mexico. Since Mexico is so close to the US, way closer than Australia, many of his fans came out! I also met a ton of his fans from Australia that came all the way to Mexico for him. 

I hadn’t heard of Golden Features prior to this year until ODESZA announced a remix pack to my favorite song of theirs, ‘Falls’ Ft. Sasha Sloan. In my opinion, Golden Features truly had the most unique take on the remix out of all of the other artists that took a stab at it (ToiyBoi, TOKiMONSTA, Photay, Kaskade, The Glitch Mob, TCTS, and The Knocks Get Up) which turned me onto his music. After I discovered him there, I began listening to the rest of his music and was extremely excited to check him out in Mexico since I couldn’t make to Ultra, and this New York City show wasn’t announced yet.

I specifically remember the moment I walked into the club in Mexico, he was playing the ‘Falls’ remix, almost like fate. I watched him for the first time live and hadn’t felt such a draw to something in a while, I felt like I was in a deep house trance. He played an opening set the next day on the beach and not too many people were there so I made my way up to the front. There was a girl up front who looked like she belonged on a Golden Features album cover. She was wearing his signature yellow and black, and was right at the bar dancing like the music was beaming out of her soul, like she was meant to be there. I befriended her instantly and weirdly enough she was from New York City too! We ran into each other at his first ever New York City show last Friday at Schimanski where I asked her if she would be interested in getting interviewed for this piece. See below for our conversation!

Festival Squad: When did you first hear about Golden Features?

Alexandra Cella: I heard him for the first time early last year on Rufus Du Sol’s Headphone Selections playlist. The song was ‘Baxter’ and it literally stopped me mid-conversation while talking to a friend. I replayed it so many times and then was just listening to all of his music nonstop after that.

Festival Squad: That’s awesome you discovered him organically off of a playlist. I find so much music like that today! How did you feel when you heard his music for the first time?

Alexandra Cella: His music just caught my attention so quickly. It was so different and had such a distinct sound to it, I was immediately drawn to it and just so sure I had never heard anything like it before. It triggered something inside of me, like something just clicked and I was like, ‘Yes… This is it.’

Festival Squad: That’s really beautiful to feel a connection like that. I can totally relate. Do you have any future plans to see him again?

Alexandra Cella: As of right now I don’t have anything lined up just because he’s not around that often, unfortunately. But as soon as the opportunity comes around I’ll buy a ticket no hesitation!

Festival Squad: Awesome. Was Mexico your first time seeing him live?

Alexandra Cella: Mexico was my first time seeing him. When he came out and performed unexpectedly at the welcome party I nearly fell to the floor, (laughs). I absolutely lost my mind seeing him that night. I wasn’t prepared for it. People around me were like, “Yo this chick LOVES Golden Features!” Yup, I do (laughs).

Festival Squad: Incredible. I left the opening performance right before he came on and I will forever regret that but am glad I got to see him twice in Mexico. What was it like for you to see him in the US for the first time, so close to home? 

Alexandra Cella: Seeing him in the US, so close to home, was so surreal. I wasn’t sure when I would ever get the chance to see him and then to not only see him so many times but to have him basically in my neighborhood was crazy. Saying hi and talking to him outside of a club I go to pretty often kind of didn’t feel real.

Festival Squad: Lastly, what are some things you want to see out of Golden Features project this year?

Alexandra Cella: I just want to see him grow and keep doing what he’s doing honestly. His music is truly so unique and I just hope to keep hearing and feeling the dark, infectious beats that he creates. And of course, I’d love to have him in the states as often as possible (laughs).

Festival Squad: Me too! Thanks so much for taking the time.

There you have it, from a true fan. The show at Schimanski was incredible, the visuals and lighting truly complimented his set and took the audience on a wild late night escape. He played his entire Sect album, his ‘Falls’ Ft. Sasha Sloan remix, his other popular singles, and other incredible hits like ‘Red Light Green Light’ Ft. Shaun Ross by Duke Dumont. His sets are always slightly dark, but somehow make me feel so light. I am already itching to see him again! Now with US agents Alan Gary and Brittany Miller from Paradigm on his side, I am sure we will see him again soon. Keep an eye out for him by staying connected on his socials here.

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