When You Give Jantsen a Cheesecake…

Photo by Danica Nuestro

I have an admiration for DJ’s and producers that take the time to interact with their fans. Whether it be through meet-and-greets or Twitter, there’s something unique about the EDM community that allows us to be more connected with those we follow. Jantsen has always been one of those producers who has been adamant about interacting with fans through social media. Although he has been listed on countless line ups as his career continues to take-off, he still takes the time to answer fan’s questions and comments on Instagram and Twitter.

Jantsen Comes to Philly

On Saturday, April 27th Jantsen supported Caspa at a local show in Philadelphia. Before the show, I tweeted at Jantsen exclaiming that if he plays ‘Every Time’, another Jantsen & Bassnectar master collaboration, I would throw a cheesesteak on stage. Of course, a cheesesteak makes sense when you’re in the city of Brotherly Love. Minutes later, Jantsen replied…

Although he misread cheesesteak for cheesecake, I was willing to take the stride to hear one of my favorite songs.

Ask and You Shall Recieve

After leaving work, I drove to the grocery store where I picked up a slice of cheesecake from the bakery and was on my way. I knew the only issue I would come across would be getting the baked good through security. Once I had arrived at the venue, cheesecake in hand, I made sure to be as respectful and transparent as possible with the mission. The security guard was more than confused. I explained the situation as well as showed him the Twitter interaction. He smiled, shrugged, and let me in without an issue.

Photo by @Gubich76

I made my way to the front, where I found fellow Bassheads standing at the rail. As I approached them, I kept in mind that most people who have been standing at the rail are reluctant to give up their spots. However, after explaining my story they go, “Oh YOU’RE the cheesecake girl!” Yes, it is I. Both moved aside and let me stand front and center so I could get Jantsen’s attention. It wasn’t until the very end of his set where he made an announcement:

“Alright everybody, I have one more song… Where’s my cake?”

Everyone at the front pointed over to me holding the cheesecake up high and mighty. Jantsen looked down with a huge smile on his face and took it from my hands. The whole room erupted as ‘Every Time’ began to play.

Video by Alex Weissman

Huge shout out to Jantsen for making this night special for me as well as putting on a phenomenal set for the Philly crowd. For those who are in the Philadelphia area, High Caliber just released Jantsen on the line-up! Don’t miss your chance to connect with one of the heaviest and most passionate artists in the scene. Be sure to bring a baked good so that you have the opportunity to hear your favorite Jantsen track as well!

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