Sun Soaked – To Go or Not to Go?

Photo Taken by Taylor Regulski 

If you know me personally, you know that I am a MAJOR Kaskade fan. I have travelled all around the country to see this man and consistently shed a tear anytime he performs live. My love stems back to the first time I saw him at Lollapalooza in 2012. Something about his music, his passion, and love for Chicago drew me in like a spell. Maybe it’s because I’m a proud Chicagoan myself and have big dreams of sharing my art with the world as well but, regardless, Ryan Raddon’s music will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Die-hard Kaskade fans crave a good Redux set. They are rare, but consistently have a major impact on everyone’s feels. 2 years ago, the house tycoon brought a new concept to Long Beach in an effort to bring together beach vibes, tropical tunes, and music lovers. Kaskade aptly named the event Sun Soaked, and 2018 saw the festival grow into a bi-coastal endeavor with the addition of an event in Miami. Both events were a major hit and Kaskade lovers rejoiced when they heard that Sun Soaked 2019 would officially become a 2 day festival, but with that news came confirmation the event would no longer have a presence in Florida . While it is sad to say goodbye to Miami, a 2 day mini-festival is exactly what the people wanted.

Photo Taken by Taylor Regulski 

Speculation swirled as to who could be on the line-up and EDM fans prayed for their favorites to be announced. Unfortunately, many were disappointed when the official line-up came out. Rather than a heavy list of EDM artists, the bill was scattered with pop singers, and hip-hop artists. While many would welcome the inclusion of other music, most commented that they were disappointed with the artists who would be performing.

Now, if you are a music lover and fan of Kaskade you know that he reaches out to collaborate with many artists outside of his genre. The Sun Soaked 2019 lineup is a perfect example of how the house tycoon does this. It’s rare to see a Redux set anywhere, but to see Logic, Grimes (DJ Set), and Quinn XCII at the same festival is a one of a kind experience. Support will also be provided by up and coming artists Brohug and Ravell (check out the full line-up below). SNEAK PEEK, this line-up is KILLER!

Photo from Kaskade Official Facebook 

As a long-time fan, it’s a bit shocking to see Kaskade fans reacting this way. As a personal member of the Kaskade Konnect community, followers rarely share disappointment about anything Kaskade does. Typically everyone is pleased with the Sun Soaked line-up and for the event in general. This year is different though. After the line-up announcement some fans have gone as far as saying they solely are going because it’s a Kaskade event and they only want to see him.

WAKE UP PEOPLE! Music doesn’t circle around one artist, despite how much we fangirl over someone. Kaskade fans, and EDM fans in general, take this opportunity to go outside your comfort zone, explore genres, and listen to artists you wouldn’t typically follow. Not everyone has to be happy with this line-up but, I see it as a refreshing introduction to new collaborations.

Photo Taken by Taylor Regulski 

Despite the controversy from fans, GO TO SUN SOAKED!  Tickets haven’t gone on sale yet, but you can sign up for pre-sale and purchase tickets HERE. Take in the beach scene, beautiful music, and experience on July 13 & 14  because that’s what it is about.

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