GRiZ Shows How He Rides Waves on His New Tour

GRiZ is bringing an all new meaning to “making waves” with his new tour – aptly named after his most recent album – Ride Waves. GRiZ kicked off his Ride Waves tour this past Friday in Saint Augustine, Florida and showed the crowd just what he’s got. The Ride Waves tour has 28 stops this summer, including music festivals like Hangout Fest, Spring Awakening, Firefly, and more. The tour will also make a stop at the infamous Red Rocks Amphitheatre – which will be GRiZ’s last performance at the venue. With what we saw on Friday, we can only imagine the special things planned for his final show. All in all, GRiZ brings a new wave of soul, dubstep and creativity to the stage with his new tour. 

The Show

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of bass, jazz, and something entirely original to GRiZ, the Ride Waves tour delivers. Full of saxophone solos, jazz vocals and more, the performance GRiZ gave stood out. Accompanied by Chrishira Perrier for vocals, and musicians on both trumpet and trombone, prepare for a jazz-infused show, with a little dubstep and rap on top. GRiZ has always shown diversity in his music, and it was awesome to see it come to life. GRiZ’s creative vision is well thought out and executed and it shows. From the visuals to the lights and set up of the show, GRiZ has accomplished something big.

The Visuals

Before the first show on Friday, GRiZ took to social media to tease his new setup. We were given a sneak peek of his new stage and light show, but nothing compared to experiencing it in real time. On top of his musical capabilities, the production of GRiZ’s show was immaculate. Stunning visuals, lighting, and lasers added to the vibe of the show. Some lights took on shapes such as flowers – and when doubled with the visuals behind it, they transported you to a magical, dreamy world.

And Most Importantly, The Music

According to Wikipedia, GRiZ is categorized as an “American DJ”, but his music goes beyond what you may hear from other DJs. GRiZ highlights all of his talents by incorporating vocals and his saxophone. GRiZ has been described as electro-soul and we couldn’t agree more. Even if it’s not your cup of tea – it will be after seeing this show. There’s something incredibly captivating about blending dubstep and a saxophone. Add on the soul that Chrishira Perrier brings with her vocals, and you’ll find yourself in a blissful state at this show.

GRiZ will be touring throughout the U.S. and internationally for the rest of the year. Find a show near you here

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