Top Leading Reggae Artists Come to California Roots Music & Arts Festival

Celebrating their ten year anniversary, California Roots Music and Arts Festival kicks off this memorial weekend. As the leading reggae and roots music festival in the U.S, Monterey will be flooded with popular artists. Not only will the weekend be full of music, but the festival will also focus on sustainability. As a zero waste festival, California Roots Music and Arts Festival is all around an environmentally conscious event.

California Roots & Reggae - Photo: Festival Squad

Dan Sheehan, co-producer of the festival, mentioned

“The music is just the beginning. We are working with our visual artists for fresh art installations and our greening team to bring even more environmental initiatives.”

Here are five artists not to miss at this years California Roots Music and Arts Festival. 

Cypress Hill

The five-man band originated from South Gate, California. As a group that’s well known in the industry, they have achieved first-time awards all over the board. Cypress Hill was the first Latinx hip hop group to land a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They were also the first Latino American group to have platinum and multi-platinum albums. Through their distinct sound and performance, they’ve made a statement in reggae music.

Tash Sultana

As a growing artist, Tash Sultana grew from playing on the streets and home videos going viral. She began playing music at age three and has since learned how to play over 15 different instruments. Not only is she multitalented, she continues as an inspiring human figure in the reggae world who was self-taught. After a long trip, she found her way through performing. Tash Sultana has performed at large festivals such as Coachella and Lollapalooza. 

The Expendables 

Falling into the surf, rock, and reggae genre, the four man band is known for their top hit “Bowl For Two.” Through the years, they were noticed by headliner Slightly Stoopid. When Slightly Stoopid formed their own label, Stoopid Records, The Expendables were immediately signed on. In addition to their top track, they have hit over millions of streams including their tracks “Sacrifice” and “Down Down Down.” 

Jesse Royal 

This Jamaican artist found a love for reggae music through old school and hip-hop. Jesse Royal began performing at a very young age and his first stage took place in the church that he attended as a child. Through music, he grew a strong relationship with the Marley family. Since then, he has released huge tracks and made an impact on many. This April, he released his most recent track “Broken Wings.”

The Green

Formed in O’ahu Hawaii, The Green creates a unique style of Hawaiian reggae. They have been supported by artists such as Bruno Mars, SOJA, and Rebelution. The Green have hit charts of all kinds including two #1 Billboard Reggae Chart Debuts and Billboard Top 200.  Through recognition by the amount of awards they’ve received and supporting artists, they are well-known in the industry. This year they released their album Black & White and their most recent track “Criaturas.”

California Roots & Reggae - Photo: Festival Squad

For more information on California Roots, click here.

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