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Photo Credit: Taylor Regulski
Written by: Amanda Cosenza, Kyle DePriest, and Taylor Regulski

The sun has set on another crazy Music Week in Miami. Whether you just attended the parties, made your way out to Ultra Music Festival, or were crazy enough to do both everyone is catching up on sleep and adding some extra Vitamin C into their routine this week to recover from all the fun. 

RVDIOVCTIVE MIAMI by Techyes & NV’D Records

Photo Credit: Don Idio

The week started with contributor Amanda Cosenza being dressed for a pool party with no pool. Lesson learned: just because a party is during the day does not mean it is by a pool. That aside, the TechYes and NV’d Records RVDIOVCTIVE party was a great way to kick things off. The venue, which had many rooms of music inside and one massive stage outside was set up perfectly for a day party. Artists painted massive murals on the sides while the shufflers and rail riders alike had plenty of room to dance. 

While the party started at noon, as the sun began to set the energy kicked up a notch when Wax Motif and Codes took the stage. Followed by Justin Martin, Chris Lake, and closed out by Golf Clap b2b Dillon Nathaniel.

Photo Credit: Don Idio

Elrow: El Bosque Encantado

Elrow Miami Music Week 2019: El Bowsque Encantado was nothing short of electric. Confetti canons on confetti canons!! From the walls to the ceiling covered in neon trees and other mystic foliage to the larger than life performers walking around on stilts, every inch of this party had something brightening up each corner of this usually simple and dark venue. From the moment you walked in, you really felt like you were in an enchanted forest if that forest was designed by Lewis Carroll after spending an entire summer in Ibiza. Inflatables, balloons, streamers, sweat, and maybe even a little bit of sunshine flew through the air as the music pulsed about the venue.  

The line up was tech house heaven that had everyone bumping to the beat until seven in the morning. Claptone, wAFF, De La Swing, Nathan Barato, Detlef, Latmun, Dosem, Eddy M, Bastian Bux, Patrick Topping and many, many very special guests.

Corona Electric Beach

Photo Credit: Taylor Regulski

As part of the road to EDC, Corona Electric Beach took over the Shore Club on South Beach to deliver one of the best events of the week and certainly one of the best day parties. From the moment you walked in, Corona was there offering free swag and cold beer, leading you straight to a poolside stage that had a full dance floor set up overlooking the water.

Photo Credit: Taylor Regulski

The venue was small but at no point felt overcrowded. There was plenty of space to lounge, swim, and shuffle as Sonny Fedora, Redlight, OmNom, Dom Dolla, and Gorgon City kept the house vibes rolling all day long.

During Gorgon City’s set, the crowd was surprised to see a special fan make an appearance. Paris Hilton took the stage, briefly leading everyone to believe a B2B set was on the way, but to the crowd’s disappointment she only stayed long enough to grab a few selfies and say hello to Gorgon City before disappearing backstage.

Photo Credit: Taylor Regulski

Confession Label Closing party Ft. Tchami x Malaa support by Wax Motif

Photo Credit: Taylor Regulski

After a long week of events, Festival Squad decided to end Miami Music Week with some future house and took a trip to 3100 Miami for the Confession label’s closing party.

It was Sunday after all. What better way to spend it than going to a Tchami show?

The event took place in the Wynwood neighborhood in an intimate industrial space and did a good job of setting the mood for the night. The hot, dark warehouse was filled to the brim, but despite being exhausted from the marathon that is Miami Music Week, everyone at the show seemed determined to keep dancing. Dombresky and Wax Motif opened the show and the Australian DJ/Producer did not disappoint as his distinct G-House sound kept the whole place jumping until it was time for Tchami to take the stage.

Photo Credit: Taylor Regulski

As usual, Tchami did not disappoint. The French DJ and future house pioneer went full throttle and showed just how talented his label really is. Drop after drop, Tchami’s dark and aggressive beats pumped fresh energy into the room and although everyone was low on fuel, they showed no signs of slowing down. Tchami played until 4 AM before smoothly transitioning to Malaa who continued to keep the party rolling until morning.

See you next year Miami!

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