Claudia Pink: Empowering Festival Goers With Out Of This World Designs

A dream to create, to travel to exotic places, and escape a normal 9-5 job is what fueled the fire for Claudia Pink to start her own business. Claudia Pink started 13 years ago by collecting antique and broken jewelry. Then, she would take it apart; creating bracelets, necklaces, and body chains. Thus started the journey of creating out of this world mirror bras, body chains and more. With these designs and vision, Claudia Pink was born.

“I went from selling amongst friends to having a small shop in my home town, Liverpool, UK,” says Claudia, “I am really happy to see my designs all over the world. From a one-man band, I now have a great team of women which I couldn’t do it without.”

Claudia’s passion and objective has always been the art of the clothes. Finding inspiration from ancient cultures, festival goers, world-renowned designers with a space-age fashion look, Claudia Pink’s style isn’t like every other designer. 

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“It is so hard for me to define the look. I’m inspired by so many things,” says Claudia, “I think from an outsider’s perspective they could spot my pieces in a crowd.”

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Providing a Customized Experience

Another reason why Claudia stands out from the crowd is because her goal is to give every customer a personalized experience. Everything is made to order and made in house. As her company grows, the need for her in house team is growing in order to keep this personalized clothing experience prevalent. In a world where fast fashion is dominant, having an in-house designer customize each piece is rare. 

“I am constantly evolving, I have gone from making bracelets out of antique jewellery to laser cut mirror dresses. I have so many ideas, sometimes I can’t get them out quick enough.”

Claudia wants to be remembered for making wearable art and adding to people’s life experiences. Clothes can be like armor and transform us into totally different people. And, music festivals are the perfect place to do that. Festivals allow us to embrace what we usually hide on a day-to-day basis. And, to have a piece of clothing that embraces that is part of the process. 

“Putting on one of my pieces I definitely think the wearer feels more empowered as some of my pieces are like armour. They are definitely a break away from the norm,” says Claudia.

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