Which Type of Festival Squad Member Are You?

It’s the morning of the festival you’ve been anticipating for weeks. Let’s be honest, you’ve been anticipating since you saw the lineup come out and bought your ticket. You are running on approximately 2 and a half hours of sleep because you had to do a last minute Walmart run and finish packing. No matter how many festivals you go to, this same process seems to repeat itself. It has basically become a festival ritual at this point.

If you have a strong planner in your festival squad, you and the squad most likely coordinated meeting for breakfast at the local cracker barrel. Hashbrown casserole has also seemed to become a pre-festival ritual. The excitement begins to kick in once you see the whole squad together. As you look around at your group of friends you can’t help but appreciate all of the different personalities about to journey into the forest to communally live and celebrate love, music, and creativity together for the weekend. There really is no better feeling than having the squad together! No matter the size of your festival squad or where you are from, there tend to be similar members in each.

The Organizer

We will start with the organizer because let’s be real they pre-planned all of the logistics. A typical organizer will make sure that everyone’s cars are in line before entering the festival so you don’t get separated from the squad. The organizer has already gone through the festival app, created their schedule of what acts they want to see separated by day, and screenshotted each day ready to make as their phone background. They know the festival grounds like the back of their hand and honestly should be paid for the tours they give to first-timers.

Photo from Festival Squad Instagram

Lost and Confused

With every organizer comes a member who is the complete opposite. This squad member is notorious for getting lost on the way back to camp around 4 am on Saturday night. No matter how many times they are told the tapestry or flag to look for that marks the start of their camping row, they just can’t seem to make it home without assistance. This member goes with the flow and is a great balance for the organizer when they get stressed.

Photo from Festival Squad Instagram

Committed Friends

These are the type of squad members who are in long term relationships with their favorite genre of music. They will strategically plan out water and bathroom breaks so they don’t miss any of their favorite acts. These members are commonly known as rail campers. Whether it’s house, bass, trance or trap you always know where to find these squad members.

Photo from Festival Squad Instagram

Glam Gal

This squad member always comes stacked and loaded with glitter, gems, temporary tattoos, mini hair ties and more. Basically, they are a traveling beauty salon. You can find this member braiding everyone else’s hair in the morning before the music starts for the day. This member also probably carries an emergency pack into the festival with hair ties, chapstick, baby wipes and extra toilet paper for when the port o potties run out.

Photo by Don Idio

Flow Friends

This squad member typically will stay in the back of the crowds so they can have optimal room to flow with their creative energy. Other members can be hypnotized by their smooth movements and transitions. The flow never stops for these members. From early morning to late at night you can find these members in their zone.

Photo by Ginger Wesson

Every festival squad is unique and different in their own ways, but at the core, we all tend to be the same. While there are endless types of squad members, these are a few that seem to be common. We would love to hear which type of squad member you are! Festival season is almost here and we can’t wait to have all the festival squads reunited!

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