The New deadmau5 Cube is Going on Tour, Starting with Ultra Miami

Cover photo by Drew Ressler/

In April of 2017, deadmau5 took to Twitter to spill secrets to fans about his then new Cube 2.1 before taking it on a cross-country tour. Two years and a couple redesigned Cubes later, the Canadian electronic artist born Joel Zimmerman (also known on Twitter as Goat lord) is teasing his latest creation via Twitter all over again, and EDM’s favorite mau5 has certainly been a very busy bee. It’s the Cube 3.0, and it’s making a debut along with the return of the LED mau5head this weekend at Ultra Music Festival in Miami on Saturday, March 30th.

Miami has a reputation for attracting the biggest names in electronic music every spring, both to Ultra and to the surrounding events in Miami Music Week. It’s no secret that the Goat lord has been known to candidly boast online about the money he spends on his fans and the clout he has created, so while Miami steals the focus of the electronic industry this week, the mau5 is undoubtedly trying to step into the brightest spotlight available.

Thinking about the effort it takes to bring the Cube onto a festival stage, it’s hard to imagine a Cube 3.0 that’s more intimidating than its predecessors. In his 2017 Twitter thread, Deadmau5 mentioned that the Cube 2.1 loomed at 18.7’ tall and weighed 10,500 pounds – all perched on a 45-degree angle, equipped with panels “capable of fucking your retinas.” Casually, the mau5 mentioned that the Cube was only three-sided because each side costs around $700k. But who’s counting, right?

Just days before his 12:30AM Saturday night appearance in the Live Arena at Ultra, deadmau5 posted a video to Twitter announcing that he’ll be heading out on a North American tour, appropriately named Cube V3, a few months after the fest. To combat scalpers, he’s partnered with Ticketmaster to verify fans and distribute secure access to tickets. Sign up here by Monday, April 1st to get on the verified fan list and receive your own pre-sale ticket codes to use starting Wednesday, April 3rd.

Deadmau5 has been a busy guy: between designing the Cube 3.0, planning a set to impress Ultra and organizing a cross-continental tour, it’s surprising he has the time to troll the web as often as he does. Turns out, he’s been teasing one last surprise:

A post this week on Reddit from the mau5 himself claims that he’ll be using the months between Ultra and tour to “do a new album (bout fuckin time right?)”

General admission tickets to Ultra Music Festival in Miami from March 29-31 are still available, but they’re almost sold out! Grab yours here and head down early to check out some other Miami Music Week events before the Cube arrives.

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