Dabin x Inukshuk: ‘Another Day’ feat. Nevve [Exclusive Interview]

Dabin and Inukshuk have released ‘Another Day’ feat. Nevve off Dabin’s upcoming album Wild Youth. Sitting down with Festival Squad, the two artists explain how the song is about finding our path as we grow up. ‘Another Day’ reflects on making mistakes and learning how to grow from them and overcome hard times. With the vocals of Nevve and production of Dabin and Inukshuk, the new track is an inspiration for any young person out there just trying to find there way.

Cheyanne with Festival Squad: [both] Thank you both for taking the time to meet with us. I know with the new release, you have a lot going on but we appreciate your time. Congratulations on the new release “Another Day!” How did you both decide that collabing with Nevve was the perfect fit for the track? Was it a long time coming or did it happen very short notice and in the moment? How did the two of you connect?

Dabin: “Another Day” is a funny story because it was the first instrumental on the album that was finished, but the last to get vocals. I actually even teased it during my EDC 2018 set. Originally I wanted vocals from an indie band, but it wasn’t quite panning out the way we wanted. Maybe a week or two before the album was due, we still had no vocals on the song. I remember talking to Illenium and Sean Flynn (his tour manager) about some ideas and they suggested maybe Nevve would be cool to reach out. Lucas from Seeking Blue actually knows their team very well so he put us in contact with each other and that’s how it came together. 

Inukshuk: Thanks for the congrats!  Dabin and I have been working on this track for a while now.  Even once the original production was complete, it took us a while to really find a vocalist that fit.  Upon hearing what Nevve put together we knew almost instantly that this was the direction we wanted to take the song.  We absolutely loved the contrast of the happy, uplifting project we put together with lyrics that described a more melancholy and real depiction of modern relationships & feelings.  The instrumentation is bright and encouraging while the vocals depict a scenario that, we believe, many of us have experienced.

FS: [both] Nevve sings ‘You and me we alright, still got love on our side. We get lost but it’s fine. Always another day’ Hinting that the song reflects on a relationship with the potential of getting over a ruff patch. Could you clarify and explain a little more behind the meaning of the song and the vision you both had for it?

Dabin: It’s not even so much about a relationship more so than it is about being young and trying to find our way as we grow up. “Another Day” literally represents ‘another day’ to be better than the person we were the day before. It’s about accepting that we make mistakes and how we all inevitably stumble along the way.

Inukshuk: I personally love that vocal run in the build-up.  It really emphasizes that even though something may not always be easy, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth it. Our relationships with each other aren’t so black and white.  I feel that in an age where excess and accessibility are so prominent, a lot of us often don’t realize that something amazing might be right in front of us if we just work for it a little bit.  Bad things happen, it’s about overcoming them together and not giving up.

FS: [Dabin] You are currently approaching the release of your upcoming album, Wild Youth. In addition to ‘Another Day‘ you have released your track ‘Rings + Roses’ feat. Conor Byne and ‘Alive’ feat. RUNN. Are there any other artists you have collaborated with for the new album?

Dabin: Yes! A lot of very talented vocalists and songwriters. I don’t want to spoil the surprise so you’ll have to wait and see!

FS: [Dabin] What is the storyline behind your new album and what should your fans be expecting that makes this album different than Two Hearts and Bloodless?

Dabin: Wild Youth, in a nutshell, is about growing up. It’s such a volatile time in our lives and as youths, we are so impressionable and influenced by our experiences. Where Two Hearts was more of a subjective experience about falling in and out of love, I wanted to focus on something that was more relatable to everyone. I learned a lot from making Two Hearts and I definitely went into this album with a much more concrete idea in mind. Everything from the subject matter to the sound palette was very clear to me. Also, I think that by broadening my subject matter, it’s allowed me to be more musically free to explore different types of sounds and tempos and I think it’ll show upon listening to this album.

FS: [Dabin] When is the new album going to be released? 

Dabin: March 22, 2019! 

FS: [Inukshuk], What surprising things do you have in store for 2019? Any plans on when we will be seeing more music or potentially a tour?

Inukshuk: I have a lot of finished projects that I’m sitting on right now.  The past year or so has been a bit quieter with releases but I’ve been writing more than ever.  I’m really excited about the new music I have ready and can’t wait to get it out there.  No plans on a tour as of yet but you can expect a few more singles from me in the coming months and potentially an EP later in the year!

FS: [Dabin], ‘The Wild Youth Tour’ kicks off at the end of this month. What are you most looking forward to with this tour and how did you go about choosing the supporting artists who will also be on tour with you?

Dabin: I’m always a fan of supporting my friends and if your friends happen to be incredibly talented musicians then that’s certainly a plus! In all seriousness; Trivecta, William Black, and IHF are all amazing producers and I highly encourage everyone who comes out to my tour to come early and see these guys perform.

FS: [both] Both of your artwork is very distinct when it comes to expression and emotion in contrast with your music. For each of you, what is your main vision when designing and selecting your graphics and photos for your performances and postings? Do you have a specific designer you love to work with? Do you design any of your own visuals? 

Dabin: If you ask anyone on my team, they’ll tell you how seriously I take my artwork. The artwork is the visual representation of what you are trying to convey and it’s a chance for you to show your audience the world you are trying to create through your music. While I don’t design any artwork myself, I’m very much involved in the process and am usually the one that outlines the idea/composition of the art. I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with some very talented artists and motion graphic designers for my album and tour. Big shout out to NAKI, Erica Williams, dreamsvisuals, Sam Button, sinewave kid, and Goestee for being a part of this project! 

Inukshuk: I have a bit of a background in graphic design & videography so having a strong visual component to my work has always been important.  I’m a huge fan of minimalism and try to convey that in a retro way, taking a lot of influence from 1970’s film and photography, but recreating that with a cleaner, modern look.  Most of my visual design is handled on my own, mainly because I could never afford to outsource it.  Over time it’s developed into something just as important as the music itself so it’s nice to have a concrete level of creative control!

FS: Right on, that’s amazing! Thank you both, once again, for taking the time to meet with us. Congratulations again on the new track and I look forward to see all of the exciting things you both have planned for 2019.

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